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In this Ofcom document, they clearly state that the dangerous Millimetre waves technology using 26 GHz will NOT mention what applications it will be used for.

Enabling 5G in the UK
1.15 High-frequency (mmWave) spectrum which, to date, has not been used to deliver mobile services, is likely to be used to support new 5G applications, in particular those that require high capacity and very low latency by both MNOs and other players.

6 Latency is the amount of time between a command and its corresponding action, 5G will make this delay unnoticeable.
1.16 While responses to our 26 GHz call for input indicated that the band is likely to be become important for 5G, many suggested that it is too early to say how the band will be used, and for what purposes. We will continue to collate evidence from stakeholders across different
sectors and continue our engagement internationally to inform our understanding given the wide international interest in using high frequency spectrum for mobile. We are particularly keen to encourage trials at 26 GHz, the 5G mmWave pioneer band.



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