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Dr Stephen Redd is the CDC,s Director of Public Health Preparedness and Response

Dr Redd was a member of the Global Pandemic Preparedness event called Event 201, held in October 2019. A few Months before the news of CV was made public.

This event was a table top exercise created to put all the players involved in global pandemics together to trouble shoot how a pandemic would operate and how they would deal with it.

What a huge coincidence that such an event even occurred? What are the odds?

Except this is a pattern that Dr Stephen Redd has also been involved with in other ‘claimed’ pandemic events, making the odds of it being a coincidence, unfathomable.


According to reports, Dr Redd was wrapping up a flu pandemic planning meeting on April 15th 2009 when the phone call came in that a virus had infected a 10 yr old.

Two days later the CDC conformed the diagnosis and a week later, Redd had been made incident commander of the 2009 H1N1 pandemic.

So we are to believe that he was chairing a meeting for  pandemic preparation at the same time as he got the call that a ‘possible’ real pandemic might occur? Really?

The following was reported on the CDC website:

Coincidence would have it?

Claims were made by the CDC that this would kill millions. It never happened.

Five years later in August 2014, Dr Redd was due to be involved in an exercise for planning of pandemic preparedness once again. 

Coincidentally, at that exact time, the exercise was overshadowed by the claims of an Ebola outbreak that meant that all those involved were now working on Ebola.

This information was shared by Dr Redd himself during an interview in 2016 with CDC Museum, Global Health Chronicles.


The Ebola event then led to the creation of the Global Health Security Agenda.

 Five years later again and the Director was now in the driving seat of another pandemic preparedness event which became a ‘reported’ real event.

 What are the odds that this man would be involved in and heading, not one but THREE separate exercises for pandemic preparedness  that all go live at the exact same time as the exercise?

Redd also stated during the Ebola event that:

The same man claimed he was given a job working in the White House during Ebola and days later was a given a list of vaccines to be used to treat Ebola. And of course, the USA were claiming to have a case.

Fool me once!

The WHO Simulation Exercise manual from 2017 states that during these sort of global exercises, they involve table top exercises such as the ones performed by the Event 201 team in New York, again, the same members of the Global Pandemic Monitoring Board attended this event, including the Chinese CDC Director-General.

There is also evidence of simulations from within the health care departments.


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