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The Pandemic preparedness plans that were put into place by the monitoring board and due to begin in September 2019 shows  correlation with countries in Africa who submitted preparedness plans years earlier.

The following is a graph of the countries in Africa who submitted pandemic plans to WHO.

Compare it to the ‘claims’ made about the cases in Africa and we can see that the  countries with early preparedness plans coincide exactly with the countries claiming to be affected.

The WHO link

This shows the countries claiming to be affected.

How is it possible that the countries with the first and largest claims of CV are the same ones who have created early preparedness plans for a pandemic? 

Algeria, Egypt and Nigeria were the first countries to claim there were CV cases in Africa, all the countries with early pandemic preparedness plans that satisfied the WHO.

Burkina Faso, Egypt is also on the WHO map as being  one of the early  providers of a pandemic preparedness plan. 

Egypt has played an active role in the implementation of WHO and UN frameworks.

Some of the ministers took to FB to announce they were CV positive.

Egypt has collaborated with WHO to create the UN Sustainable goals agenda.

Nigeria, also one of the countries that have an early preparedness plan submitted to WHO, claimed that the first death from CV was from a patient who had returned from the UK and was being treated for cancer and diabetes, yet supposedly died from CV.


The Nigerian CDC also shared that information via a tweet. 

Algeria are also well prepared and were reportedly one of the first countries in Africa to have a patient who had travelled from another country. http://saharareporters.com/2020/02/26/who-confirms-coronavirus-algeria


Is it coincidence that those who were most eager to have created pandemic preparedness plans to WHO were the same countries that were hit?


South Africa may not have submitted a pandemic preparedness plan before 2014 but they will have been highly involved in later pandemic preparedness planning.

The Global preparedness planning board convened by the WHO and others would have made it compulsory to take part in all exercises for global preparedness prior to September 2019, they will have all 197 WHO countries  committed to an exercise in global preparedness.




South Africa claimed to have its first CV case on 5th March 2020 without even a confirmation from labs. Then declared a national state of disaster on the 15th March 2020 even though noone was reported to have died until 27th March 2020.

Which begs the question, if a global pandemic exercise began in September 2019, when did it stop?

This article claims that cases have been found in areas called Sandton, Alexandra, Wynberg, Houghton and  Orange grove.

Which oddly spells out SA WHO.


Deliver as one

A UN report from 2006 discussed delivering a ‘One United Nations’ https://undocs.org/en/A/61/583


On September 11th 2020, a partnership was formed in which the Nigerian UN coordinator states that CV is:

An X-ray that has revealed the fractures of the fragile skeleton of society

Which has:

Helped build the UN agenda




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