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Grassroots Organising To Defeat Health-Harming, Unproven-Safe 5G Wi-Fi Rollout

Why is a grassroots movement necessary?

The wireless/microwave industry wants to erect small cell towers to provide 5G anywhere a provider wants, but without having to take into consideration health, zoning, or any other type of consideration or complaint from consumers, homeowners, local and state agencies and governments!

That sounds like the microwave industry is seeking a “get out of jail free gift card” similar to the one Congress gave to vaccine makers in 1986, which propelled vaccines into the stratosphere of physical harm to vaccinees of all ages due to mandating everyone from birth to death must take all the vaccines the CDC/FDA recommends—hundreds of vaccinations with no manufacturers’ legal liability for the harms they cause!

Three public interest lawyers were on the conference call. Another conference call will be devoted to the legal aspects of 5G. One thing high tech consumers must realise is that a 5G cell tower parked on a pole outside your front door, in your back yard or opposite your bedroom window cannot be opposed or be removed by the laws being proposed for Congress to pass (God forbid!), while real estate values will decrease greatly from 5G cell towers proximity, probably making a property saleable!

Here is a list of participating groups on organising the 5G grassroots opposition and their websites.




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