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The Dangers of 5G and What We Are Not Being Told!

Governments throughout the world are pushing for the rollout of 5G (Fifth Generation) technology as if it is just an upgrade from 3G and 4G.


Mobile and Wireless experts such as Nick Hunn and William Webb state that this technology does NOT guarantee better connectivity, faster speeds or reliability and that the huge amounts of tax payers’ money being used to fund this would have been better spent upgrading the 4G network AND been far cheaper.

4G is between 1GHZ and 4GHZ whilst 5G Technology is 4GHZ to 100’s. xBandwidths of 26-90 GHZ are to be utilised. This is the equivalent of 90 billion electromagnetic waves hitting the body per second – tens of Billions MORE electromagnetic waves than what we have been used to.

The difference will also be in wave lengths, millimetre wave lengths that are shorter and pulsed and can penetrate the skin easier.

There are already over 10,000 studies showing the radiation that we are exposed to using EM radio frequency levels from 3+4G.

220 doctors and scientists in 39 countries have petitioned to stop this technology from being used and many citizens worldwide are against this being used in this way.

There are NO research studies on the long term effects of this onslaught of millimetre wave radiation but government agencies are going to go ahead regardless.

This type of radiation is called non-thermal or non-ionizing and government agencies have tried to deny that there is any danger despite the studies of medical and Independent researchers.

The technology is also government surveillance technology.

Millimetre waves in the ultra-high bands can affect our cells and cause higher levels of cancers, strokes, heart problems – all the life threatening diseases that we already suffer from.

Also, the biggest insurers, Lloyds, have refused to insure against EMF injuries from using phones, etc.

According to the Infrastructure Commission in the UK, small cell towers will need to be placed between 100 and 300 meters apart EVERYWHERE.

The so-called ”Internet of Things” means even household appliances will use this technology and smart cars will also contain heavy radars systems that will spew out EMR (electromagnetic radiation) from all angles – magnify this by millions of cars!

Government Agencies and University funded research is being paid for by the telecommunications Industry who stand to profit. Government can no longer be trusted to put our health before profits.

If this technology is supposedly safe, why do the American military use millimetre wave technology weapons that disperse crowds, causing burns to the skin?

We demand Independent, long term, medical and safety research BEFORE this technology is rolled out in our streets and homes. Those who force this technology on us without proper safety assessments will be served Notices of Liability and will be personally liable for any harm that this technology causes.

Further Info at: inpowermovement.com Annie Logical Uncensored: www.vigiliae.org Real Change is a group started in Leeds by Jason Nota and we have many local Facebook groups that help homeless and street kitchens, etc. To get in touch, contact Annie at her site above.


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