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On this week’s OUT OF THE BAG…LIVE on http://healingoracle.ch/healing-oracle-radio/

For the first 2 hours of the show I was LIVE with Ann Marie Carey
Annie has been an activist for 15 years and has created many campaigns to highlight unfair welfare reforms, chemtrails, 5G and the smart agenda, epidemics and vaccines. She achieves this by sharing information on her website Annielogical Uncensored, social media and within communities by organising events and creating leaflet campaigns. Annie has created a campaign to highlight the false information being given about CV19 and the ensuing pandemic claims. Annie believes that it is only by sharing important information with our communities that the public can make an informed decision and put an end to the insidious agenda behind the claims of a pandemic.
In this interview she spoke about how people can get involved in the campaign and shares some of her accumulated research.  Plus MUCH MORE! 
Details of the campaign can be found on the FB group CV19 ~ Facts Not Fear Campaign or on the website Annie Logical Uncensored. 
​The leaflets can be downloaded from this link: 


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