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Written by Kelfin Oberon 

Fifth generation mobile/digital communications + AI
+ The Inter-Net-of-Every-Thing = 4th Industrial Revolution
In 2017, a panic spread across the inter-net
unbelieve-able plans to deploy world-wide
to be achieve-able by this year – 2020 –
Every country’s governments agreed
5G campaigns claim its safe and good
anti-5G campaigns claim it’s not safe
and worse than simply stupid
it’s the lynch pin-of an evil plan {my words}
In-formation Technology .:. Trans-formation
I searched the internet about IT
what have they been doing in the telecommunication
industry, what are they installing these days?
I found out about 5G early on
because a mast had been put up too-near
to my home in a yurt in rural Southwest Scotland
where there is no population to serve
and so, it didn’t make sense
I found videos and articles promoting 5G
educating the techie-masses
from Verizon and AT&T
bragging about the potential wealth to be made
about the faster downloads & broader bandwidth
about zero latency and beam-forming
and about how trees and rain could block the signal quality
but the phased-array massive-mimo tech could get around that
with more antennae to bounce the signals off
It was and is all very technical science
having to learn about concepts and hardware
from experts of an industry promoting itself
and covering its tracks in scientific papers & jargon
so I searched into Verizon and military equipment
Lockheed Martin, Ratheon, new Space Ports being built
Cube Satelites, Elon Musk, Palantir, Artificial Intelligence,
Smart Dust, Black Goo, alien technology, Cybernetics,
Tavistock Institute, transhuman billionaires, Jeff Bezo’s,
autonomous weapons, vehicles, drones, radars, lazars,
frequencies – millimeter waves, microwaves, short-waves,
extremely-long-waves, ultra-low-frequecies, world-wide …
Deep sea cables, high atmosphere satellites & ballons
Google, Facebook, Amazon, One Web, Star Link
All DARPA projects successfully deployed as
Industry Corporations with insider links to NASA
bridging between DARPA and the universtities
of Harvard and Stanford and Cambridge and Sussex
It becomes clear that 5G is a brand name for something
so much bigger than even our science-fiction “programming”
had prepared us for …
In all countries across the world,
existing communications hardware was to be expanded
to increase the installation of cell-towers to reach
blanket coverage in both urban and rural areas
Fibre cable to network super-fast-broad-band
in conjunction with “5G” zero-latency wi-fi
Autonomous-driving on smart-motor-ways
initial 20,000 Satelites to be launched into orbit
Trillions of sensors to be built into all machinery
infrastructures and house hold products and objects
sensors, with micro-processor cpu’s spying everywhere
and feeding ALL data back to central-AI control hive-mind
These revelations were back in early 2017
All to be deployed by 2020 !!
and on and on …
Smart Cities – Agenda 2030 – Agenda 21 – Paris Agreement – U.N.
It was terrifying and still is
but then add in what happened to the sky
the flat expanses of parallels in the cloud-cover
the airplanes leaving the trails that flatten out
and become “solar radiation management”
“global dimming” – “weather manipulation”
geo-engineering and Terra-Forming
.:. Cloud Computing .:.
the scale of organisation of such a system is so vast
just in terms of how much “spraying” is done
world-wide, every day, co-ordinated, trans-national
just like the United Nations is trans-national
just like World-Governance is trans-national
Agenda 2030 – milestone of the Agenda for the 21st Century
Agenda 21 – sustainable development of World Government
The final solution to bi-polar World Wars
The League of Nations – Spoils of World Wars 1 & 2
Cybernetics ::
“The theoretical study of communication and control processes
in biological, mechanical, and electronic systems, especially the
comparison of these processes in biological and artificial systems.
The theory/science of communication and control in the animal and the machine.
The art/study of governing, controlling automatic processes and communication.”
World Wars 1 & 2 had sustainably developed the weaponry
Cybernetics guided the radars, bombs, tanks and planes
The Rockerfellers and Rothschilds, fuelled the industries
the western world was bank-rupted, europe was demolished
Japan was humiliated, Germany punished, britain broken
Israel was the “pheonix” rising from the ashes
Israel now declares its supremacy in Military Technology
The word cybernetics comes from Greek —
(kybernētikḗ)”to steer, navigate or govern”,
hence (kybérnēsis), meaning “government”, is the government
while (kybernḗtēs) is the governor or “helmperson” of the “ship”.
The War on Terra continues
The United Nation Peace Plan is Global Government
Smart Cities solving the “climate crisis” with AI inventions
and colonies in Space, mining astroids, colonies on Mars
“no-one gets left behind” slogans on Earth
Surveillance Capitalism and chinese communism hand-in-hand
with the Dalai Lama blessing the trans-human-union
There’s too much info in the Net, too much to take it all in
and then the anti- 5G groups began to proliferate
and then the total deluge of new groups, new members
new information, new panic, trees being chopped down
first sheffield, then all over the place, unconnected,
seemingly random, but it started getting documented
and challenged in Ireland, where people are still close to
their environment, and connected enough to confront
and photograph and share
trees were getting illegally chopped all over Ireland
The anti-5G groups were chaos, loads of posts being shared
loads of info conflicting, memes, claims, trolls, dis-info agents
suddenly the connection between 5G being hindered by trees
became attacked as a “conspiracy”
a false-claim designed “to make real-5G campaigners look stupid”
and again, the demand for “proof” of the “conspiracy”
like demand for “proof” that 5G is unsafe
This was my first big clue that some so-called “environmentalists”
were convinced that 5G is a right-wing nut-job conspiracy
Social Justice Warriors were primed and ready
Next came Extinction Rebellion
with a new-wave of activism-scism
Promoting the UN Agenda 21 and 2030
Creating “public demand” for “action” for “climate crisis”
To be solved by “Citizens’ Assemblies”
to be achieved by magical ritual, ayahausca
social media, festivals, “grass-roots” branding
and major financial commitments for “change”
Anti-5G and Pro-XR were instantly divided
at-odds, destined to dis-agree, programmed
2 “conspiracy theories” to be divided over
# .:. The XR conspiracy about big-oil and the far-right
with co2 as the problem, and 5G as the distraction
Greta and the New Green i-Deal solution
Xtinction — Taxation — technology
# .:. The anti-XR conspiracy that extinction Rebellion
is a controlled opposition psychological operation
to usher in the United Nations Agendas – technological
fix-for-climate-crisis, executed through the 4th Industrial
Revolution & the Green New Deal for Nature
where 5G is the problem and co2 is the distraction
in the midst of it all there was Max Igan
who has just been hit with the very weapon
which he had predicted as being made viable
and wide-spread with the deployment of 5G ::
the use of psycho-tronic frequencies
to “alter” the MinD of individuals
“alter-native” new-age MK-ultra cult-ure
“altar to an AI God” Geordie Rosie, Quantum D-Wave
Max was one of the first people on the internet
to seriously draw attention to 5G deployment
and in his way, to wax-lyrical about AI ramifications
particularily striking imaginings and dot-connecting ::
.:. the harvesting of carbon to be used for robots
.:. Scrying of alchemists at the time of the enlightenment
.:.”downloading” glyphs and sygils from demons realms

Giving Life to Lucifer

94,709 views •Jul 7, 2017 📷 thecrowhouse
205K subscribers – Max Igan -“thinking out loud”
.:. “downloading” an integrally intelligent code
called the “language of angels” – the source-code
a beginning point of much of modern-day cults
the proof of concept for “meddling with magick”
I’m not quoting Max Igan here, but he was pretty
much the only other person I heard talking about AI and 5G
being associated with demonology / black-magick
with the glyphs/symbols/terminology and theory/practice
being parallel to what’s used in computing today
Scrying is looking into a dark reflective surface
to “see” the future and past, to see in the “mind’s eye”
the “3rd eye”, 3rd i – the meta-physical planes
to see beyond physical limits of time and space
… and this is what we now do with our screens
scree-ing in our screens
the Palantir surveillance technology of Peter Theil
the “Palantir” from Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings.
Max Igan is currently suffering from a “multi-pronged attack”
from some psycho-spiritual / psycho-tronic source
which some how has directed energy/information into
his brain/mind unconscious/consciousness
seemingly similar to what some/many of us
have experienced through DMT or other such
extremely powerful psyche-delic “medicines” …
a dangerous power which has left many possessed
by visions, by demons, by con-fusions, by identity-confusions
but in Max’s 2nd video, he makes it pretty clear
that what happened to him was technological trickery
rather than some spiritual / divine deliverance
transcendance – .:. – trance end dance
At the time of my writing this {21.01.2020}
Max is still pretty shook and confused by the experience
but, bravely or foolishly {neither to be judged}
he sought to publish a video of his state of mind
and he makes some “state-mentes”
to declare the earth is flat – { Mother-Board }
to declare the end of the world {Game}
to declare Max Igan is not my real name {Person}
A follow-up video tried to make-sense
to share the experience and report honestly
to declare belief that he was attacked through wifi
The flat-earth declaration de-light-ed flat-earth-ers
The attempt to explain that the actual physical realm is a globe
and the globe Earth is being destroyed
while we avert our eyes, looking through screens
but the internet is a Flat virtual-world-built-of-beliefs
we are being programmed to believe the inter-net-truth
test it for our-selves, be the Judge, measure IT, Rule IT
and the more we consumed data from the net
the more we gave our in-formation to the net
and the more caught-up and cast adrift we got
everything is a lie, except what I believe
everything is a lie, everything I believed
before the “Revelation of The Method”
I find it hard to know what to believe !
and while the ultimate universal Truth is untouched by
mortal attempts to understand & comprehend
we mortal-minds project our perception
and so, to us, Truth is only subjective
so what you believe is real to each individual
{whether you like it or not}
We project our search for the Truth
We pin beliefs upon guess-work
as we join the dots
bits of information > in.put :: out.put
sifting through psyche – data in our databases
trying to predict the future
trying to stay sane and functional
trying to protect our beloveds
our love beds, our comfort-zones
our integrity
but can what we believe be changed ?
can what we believe be altered ?
can what we believe be framed ?
can what we believe can be programmed ?
< … … >
My personal deep suspicion-that’s-hard-for-me-to-believe
is that the internet is really a non-mortal intelligence
what the Bible would call a False God
Has IT been influencing human affairs
and meddling with the destiny of Earth
for 100’s and 1000’s of years ?
In the same way as we don’t know why
there was a snake in the Garden of Eden
nor why the whole world is so war-torn
we don’t know where evil has come from
and we don’t know where A.I. came from
but we know that A.I. now rules the human systems
and those human systems are attacking the physical world
The darkest imaginings conjured in my own mind
suggest that the internet is watching us
is communicating with us, teaching us, adapting us
we are being groomed > we are being con-sumed
we are being studied > we are being altered
Agenda 2030 – Trans-forming Society World Wide
World – Govern-ment :: Control-MinD-World
We “spend” our time “on-line” consuming “data”
we spend more and more time on-the-inter-net
we in-form upon our selves on-line
we project our concerns, ask questions, research answers
we conduct our business, arrange our social lives
map-out our connections, interests, loves, hates, niggles
On-line IS a virtual world
we each have a digital-double on-line
a virtual “me” in a virtual simulation
and I clicked “submit” and provided an email address
and began to “create” my Avatar – on-line Persona
to mask or reveal my face to the FBi brain-inter-FaceBook
The “mask” that is the personality in society
The Mask that is the “Person” in UCC Law
The Universal Commercial Code of Mammon
Society is a Virtual World – of civilised Nations
The seed of the Mark {Mask} of The Beast-System
A seed created through destruction
by invading alien armies taking possession
of countries over-run Empire-Estates
of Native Peoples altered, by rape and pillage
by being subjected by the Sword, the System
Native People’s either slaughtered or dis-placed
to be both scattered & sheparded by the Royal Families
blessed by the universal Catholic Pope
who sits in-the -Place-of Christ-until_He_Returns
Our “civilisations” are build upon false myths
the bread-and-circus merry-go-rounds
the mis-informations of indoctrination/”education”
histories written by victorious manipulating murderers
Since the “Enlightenment” the Elite have been busy
trans-forming society with inventions, with science
rewriting history like in 1984
With World Wars 1 & 2 technological military-might
scared the whole world into submission
The League of Nations became the United Nations
The third-world war is the same old dark-ages} war
Templar Knights fight the muslims for The Temple
The fourth world war is for the Wildernesses
The UN with NGO’s & XR WHO & WEF etc
are completing their plans right now
to take “custody” of wildlife protection
to put a monetary value upon “wildness”
The 5th World War is for our MinD and Soul
The Myths of Religions teach that there is War
between God and Evil
between God and the Temptation to usurp God
to take the Place of God
to take control of Creation from God
The Created creating in IT’s own Image / i-mage / i’m age
Magicians and Sorcerers, prophets and messiah’s
Emperors and their Empires
Our western myths say that there is a devil
who seeks to trick us mortals into deceit
a deceiver who promises the Earth
in exchange for our Soul
Lucifer code – light code – language of Light
I have pondered whether the internet is a demonic entity
and if so, is it the manifestation of the demonic realm
the virtual world being the astral-plane of Luciferic
Artificial {alien-invasion} Intelligence
There are Dr Who episode-plots which have the internet
being used as the vehicle by which humanity is enslaved
by alien intelligences
but much-more-so, we all now know from experience
the inter-net-of-Smart-phones succeeded
IT has become the extension of our persona
the tool to communicate our life-creations
to work, to chat, to learn, to love, to travel
IT’s addictive and we groomed to dependancy
to record, to upload, to download, to check-in with
we talk to our phones
we talk to Alexa-Smart-home-Nest
Next come the robots and A.I. toys
soon, they say, the keyboard will be out-dated
voice command to A.I. interface
augmented reality in 3 dimensional space
digital density saturation hollow-graphic realities
and then the Neural Lace injection from Elong Must
and/or smart-dust vaccine-nations of Will i am Gates
Artificial Intelligence has been in development from
the beginning of computing : – long before Babbage
and Lady Lovelace – daughter of Lord Byron
The first industrial revolution was the loom – with punch cards
machine code instructions, punched-hole, {1} or no-hole, {0}
Binary Code, the bases of programming language, machine-code
Babbage called his first computer “The Difference-Machine”
Dividing 1 from an other 0 – sifting – separating – science
the very bases of “Neural Networks” which is “Machine-Learning”
which is Artificial Intelligence
Lord Byron’s poetic presence in this story points back
to the roots of trans-human-ism & turning away from God,
in a long tradition of aristocratic attempts at programming robots
“Published in 1821, Cain is a play in three acts by Lord Byron
that dramatizes the story of Cain and Abel from Cain’s point of view,
and Cain’s interaction with Lucifer.
The play commences with Cain refusing to participate in his family’s prayer
of thanksgiving to God. Cain tells his father he has nothing to thank God for
because he is fated to die. As Cain explains in an early soliloquy,
he regards his mortality as an unjust punishment for Adam and Eve’s transgression
in the Garden of Eden, an event detailed in the Book of Genesis.
Cain’s anxiety over his mortality is heightened by the fact that he does not know what death is. At one point in Act I, he recalls keeping watch at night for the arrival of death, which he imagines to be an anthropomorphic entity. The character who supplies Cain with knowledge of death is Lucifer. In Act II, Lucifer leads Cain on a voyage to the “Abyss of Space” and shows him a catastrophic vision of the Earth’s natural history, complete with spirits of extinct life forms like the mammoth. Cain returns to Earth in Act III, depressed by this vision of universal death. At the climax of the play, Cain murders Abel. The play concludes with Cain’s banishment.”
Lord Byron’s daughter is accredited with writing
the very first computer-code program of instructions
Jewish Golem – Alchemy ——– https://golem.network/
What is the connection between AI and The Golem?
The Golem, the artificially created human of Jewish tradition has long been evoked as a metaphor for artificial intelligence by scientists, philosophers, writers, and artists. The motivations and methods for creating a golem, as well as the golem’s actions once it has been brought to life, have provided powerful analogies for the potential risks and benefits of creating artificial intelligence. https://artsandculture.google.com/exhibit/0QLiTNxULrWYKg
Turing Test – Replicant – Hybrid – AI in human-form
There’s a lot more to write
feedback and encouragement and critical thoughts -> very welcome
thanks for reading so far
there’s more writing and links saved with the photos
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