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A Freedom of Information request on the OS link to 5G via Bournemouth Council.

The Budget statement on Bournemouth was a surprise to us, but has been handed to DCMS to carry it out. It
is not a 5G trial, but a proposal to trial mapping of the terrain, overlaid with buildings, trees and even weather
data and radio propagation models to predict the best sites for 5G infrastructure, as a roll­out tool.
We are currently firming up details of how this might be procured. Bournemouth was someone’s idea of a
suitable site, given a mix of terrain, buildings &c and a trial would not necessarily be there, for instance a
bidder might have a different / better place in mind

Full FOI link : https://www.whatdotheyknow.com/request/365465/response/921707/attach/3/Attachment%20FOI%20292510.pdf


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