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5G and the IoT – Hyped about, and hoped for (by industry). But apparently not going so well.

1. “The question of what 5G is actually for needs to be answered, and soon, if 5G is to have any chance of living up to the hype.”

2. IoT marketers target vulnerable populations – seniors – but…
“No matter how loudly the vendors claim their product is different, and so simple anyone could use it, it probably isn’t. The IoT for seniors could easily end up causing more frustration and alienation than it alleviates, soaking up more caregiver time than it saves.”
Likely this will prove true for many IoT “things” and applications…and not just for seniors, but for most everyone.

3. And this stuff is oh so hackable.

“Internet of shit — As we have outlined in long and tedious detail in the past, companies that put out IoT devices or shove internet connections into updated product lines rarely consider security requirements and even more rarely update the firmware and software to keep up to date with security reports.”



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