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A woman in Florida married an ancient tree last week, in order to rescue it from being chopped down. This is no laughing matter. Sheffield protestors are being arrested because they are trying to stop thousands of trees from being removed. This is happening all over the place, London removed 50,000 trees over a five year period, in Pembrokeshire dozens of protected trees were illegally chopped down in January. Hundreds were chopped down in Darlington in March.

300-year-old trees were chopped down in Stoke on Trent in November 2017.
In Norwich, avenues of trees were chopped down in December 2017.
Wandsworth Council chopped down 54 trees at Tooting Common in September 2017 saying they were a public threat.
Wiltshire Council cut down trees in October 2017.
in 2017 Cornwall cut down a mile long stretch off trees,whilst a regeneration scheme in Plymouth saw a further 60 trees chopped down in February, the scheme is due to be complete in 2020.
In Cardiff trees were chopped down in December for flood defense, whilst the ones chopped down in January in Leicester were reported to be for a cycle path.

This is not confined to the UK, in places like France, 10,000 roadside trees were chopped to improve road safety and 42,000 removed from the Canal Du Midi.The reasons given were that they had a fungus that was brought over by US soldiers during WW11.
In Queensland, Australia 1 million acres of trees were cut down in one year from 2015 to 2016.
Thousands more in West Connex and Sydney Metro.

This is clearly an agenda, we know that trees block the beams from millimetre waves that 5G utilises, yet, many refuse to believe that this is the real reason.
Even though Korea chopped down an ancient forest to showcase 5G at their Winter Olympics, bragging of using 5G to shoot beams at wild Boar, still the issues of trees is being ignored as a link to 5G.

The chopping down of healthy trees is being opposed by many, yet this action is sanctioned by councils up and down the country.
A 12 metre tree provides 100kg of oxygen per year, we use 740kg per year, that means that for every 7/8 trees that are chopped down thats one person oxygen for a year.

What sort of madness is this?
Maybe we should all marry a tree?


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