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According to a report in ‘ UKNew Tech News’ in 2016, smart meter technology is necessary for smart cities to evolve. This was reported   by Claire Maugham who is director of policy and communications at Smart Energy GB, the body responsible for communicating to the public about the smart meter rollout across Great Britain. https://www.uktech.news/tech-city-voices/smart-cities-will-need-smart-energy-20160615

This has also been stated in a Government report in 2012 for the Department of Energy and Climate, entitled ‘ Smart Metering Implementation Programme.’ https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/68973/7348-first-ann-prog-rpt-rollout-smart-meters.pdf

In section 1.8 It states, ‘Smart meters in homes and businesses will sit at the interface between energy supply and demand, helping to modernise the energy industry. Smart meters are a critical part of the platform for the development of a smart grid and demand-side measures.’

So we can see how Important it is for Govt and Industry to implement Smart meters as a necessity to implement the Smart grid/city  roll out.

The benefits of Smart meters are being addressed in the above document as:

1.9 Taking into account the quantifiable costs and benefits to Great Britain from the roll-out of smart metering, a dual fuel household could on average see bill savings of £25 per annum by 2020, rising to £40 by 2030. For small and non-domestic sites, bill savings are expected to be approximately £190 per annum by 2020, rising to over £200 by 2030.

  • Smart meters will for the first time put consumers in control of their energy use, helping them to adopt energy efficiency measures that can help save money.

There are already Energy Monitoring devices that can be purchased, some for as little as £25 which can be attached to wiring to monitor your energy use. 

  • Smart meters will provide accurate energy consumption information bringing an end to estimated billing.

£20 Billion costs to end estimated bills? 

The roll-out of smart meters will play an important role in Britain’s transition to a low-carbon economy and help us meet some of the long-term challenges we face in ensuring an affordable, secure and sustainable energy supply.

According to researchers,the communications industry could use 20% of all the world’s electricity by 2025, hampering attempts to meet climate change targets and straining grids as demand by power-hungry server farms storing digital data from billions of smartphones, tablets and internet-connected devices grows exponentially.https://www.researchgate.net/publication/320225452_Total_Consumer_Power_Consumption_Forecast

The Smart Grid and Smart Cities that they are so eager to roll out will require massive amounts of data centres which will drain the energy supply. https://data-economy.com/data-centres-world-will-consume-1-5-earths-power-2025/

Britain’s foremost data centre expert and a visiting professor at the University of Leeds, says the amount of energy used by data centres is doubling every four years – despite the innovations in hardware that massively increase their capacity to store data. As a result, analysts forecast that data centres will consume roughly treble the amount of electricity in the next decade.https://www.independent.co.uk/environment/global-warming-data-centres-to-consume-three-times-as-much-energy-in-next-decade-experts-warn-a6830086.html

Smart meters  will facilitate the Smart Grid, which in turn  will involve massive amounts of electricity, so far from helping to sustain the energy supply, it will be helping to drain it in the near future. What will be the consequences of a limited energy supply? Electricity Quotas, so in pushing for the roll out of Smart meters, to enable a Smart City/grid,the Govt and Industry will be adding to the draining of our energy.

Having Smart meters  will allow them to remotely cut off anyone who has fulfilled their quota or even switch of whole neighbourhoods who have fulfilled their area quotas. Hmm… this is not looking like such a good idea after all, is it?

1.7 For energy suppliers, access to more accurate data, accompanied by improved industry-wide data management systems, will release efficiency savings that should flow through to consumers who will receive a better service at reduced cost.

Hardly a better service If we have to endure Electricity black outs and Quotas!

So far, we have seen that they will not save money as they will  pass on the vast costs to the consumer, when enough people have them installed, obviously! Let us be honest, they are not going to hit the public with higher prices in the midst of trying to roll out this scam, now are they!?

They do not save energy at all, they facilitate the draining of the energy supply in the future, with massive amounts of energy needed to operate data centres, creating possible energy blackouts and quotas.

And they are not required to allow us to keep a check on our consumption as there are already devices on the market that are cheap and can fulfil that task.

What about Health Risks?

6.10 Smart meters use radio waves to allow remote readings to be taken from gas and electricity meters. Radio waves are very common in the environment and are used in radio and television broadcasts, wireless computer networks, pagers, radar, cordless and mobile phones. Smart meters are covered by UK and EU product safety legislation, which requires manufacturers to ensure that any product placed on the market is safe. Manufacturers comply with the legislation by assessing and, if necessary, testing equipment according to agreed EU standards. The standards follow guidelines drawn up by the independent International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP).

There are thousands of peer reviewed studies that show the dangers of radio waves, many of which can be found on this  website.The guidelines by the ICNIRP were first set back in the 80,s (before the roll out of existing technology)rejecting any studies that shown the dangers on Non Ionizing Radiation, not surprising when the man who was responsible, Dr Rapocholi, was a known Industry insider. 

No surprise either that the threshold between the two groups of radiation was decided amongst physicists and engineers with no input from the medical profession.

Despite the enormous body of evidence and proof that exists showing the damage from NIR, Govts and Industry  refuse to accept the evidence.

70% of tests carried out by Non Industry studies have shown ‘adverse  affects’  from NIR whilst Industry led studies have shown the exact opposite  with 70% claiming ‘No adverse affects’.

It does not take a genius to work out -which group would stand to lose financially?  Which group had no financial involvements?  Who should we trust? 

There are no safe levels and our exposure is 20,000 times greater than it was in the 80,s.

Cordless phones, Wi-fi and Smart meters operate on the 2.4GHz frequency which is the frequency that water molecules vibrate on their axis and of course our bodies are 70% water. 

According to studies, 3% of the population are severely sensitive to EMF, 35% are moderately sensitive and 80% are suffering health problems which has been magnified greatly with the introduction of Smart meters.

Smart meters produce 500 to 8000 times more radiation than a mobile phone and they are on constantly.

We are electromagnetic beings, and we are affected by electricity in our environment.  The increasing saturation of wireless radiation (cell towers, cell and cordless phones, wi-fi and smart meters) pollutes our air and living environmentshttp://emfsafetynetwork.org/safety-precautions/electrical-sensitivity/

What about Security?

The lack of security in the smart utilities raises the prospect of a single line of malicious code cutting power to a home or even causing a catastrophic overload leading to exploding meters or house fires, according to Netanel Rubin, co-founder of the security firm Vaultra.

If a hacker took control of a smart meter they would be able to know “exactly when and how much electricity you’re using”.  An attacker could also see whether a home had any expensive electronics.

“He can do billing fraud, setting your bill to whatever he likes … The scary thing is if you think about the power they have over your electricity. He will have power over all of your smart devices connected to the electricity. This will have more severe consequences: imagine you woke up to find you’d been robbed by a burglar who didn’t have to break in“But even if you don’t have smart devices, you are still at risk. An attacker who controls the meter also controls the meter’s software, allowing him to cause it to literally explode.”

In 2009 Puerto Rican smart meters were hacked en masse, leading to widespread billing fraud.https://krebsonsecurity.com/2012/04/fbi-smart-meter-hacks-likely-to-spread/

Worse still, all the meters from one utility use the same hardcoded credentials. Access to one meter means access to ALL!


What about Safety?

In some smaller houses, ‘Smart’ Meters will be located in very close proximity to where people spend a lot of their time – including areas where they sleep. 

The EMF Safety Network  this year reported fires, explosions and burned-out appliances due to ‘Smart’ Meter installations in Australia, Canada and the US.

But with the fact that the UK’s 53mn electricity and gas meters are usually located indoors rather than on exterior walls, the risks with fires here are far more serious.

So despite the fact that they are health risks, fire risks, security risks and have the potential to facilitate the draining of the  the energy supply, whilst costing the consumer excessive  financial costs, the Govt is still trying to force the public to accept them, so much so that they have resorted to ridiculously pathetic media stories.

It is no surprise that the South Wales Evening Post resorted to these features in order to push the ‘Smart Agenda’. They were one of the six areas given a Government grant to push the Smart City/5G Agenda.

Smart meter propaganda 3

Smart meter propaganda 2

Smart meter propaganda 1

Smart meter propaganda 4

To claim that the public are ‘ drawn to bad news’ and that this is the reason why some are wary of smart meters, which they claim are fears that are  unfounded, is pure psychological propaganda. To then go on to produce a competition/questioner with the pushing of this technology and a £500 prize for the winner, is beyond pathetic.

It should be noted that despite the amount of harassment or propaganda that Govts with the aid of the media, are willing to go to, or the underhand levels they are willing to sink to, in order to get this Smart-Control-Surveillance grid off the ground, it is NOT compulsory!

Only by refusing Smart meters can we halt the rolling out  of dangerous, unhealthy and costly technologies which include AI, VR and 5G, technologies  that do not favour us in the short or long term.

Refuse Smart meters, put an end to this madness. 

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