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Written by Chris Allgower

Exhaustive personal research showing EMF is continually damaging cell structures & growth, while also deceiving us with false-awakening symptoms —

In 1893, we began experimenting with how to use EMF’s for modern life. Nikola Tesla demostrated the first AC power system, while Thomas Edison began constructing the first electric company. In 1901, Marconi sent the first transatlantic radio message in 1907 and subsequently, the vacuum tube was invented enabling the first voice transmission by radio in 1915. In 1920, we created our first commercial radio station.

The greatest strike against Earth’s surface began with our use of shorter wavelength-frequencies, which are bounced off of the ionosphere (just like HAARP’s weather modification using the ionosphere), for long distance communication. WWII developed microwave radar for warfare and in ‘47, ‘Bell Telephone’ set up the first microwave phone relay, between towers in Boston and NYC.

In the 1980’s, we see the emergence of cellular communications. What has happened ever since to the magnetism of our world is mind-blowing. The first mile above the Earth is now filled with 2 million times the amount of EMF we faced in 1900.

Currently there are 7.8 billion people on the planet and 7 billion mobile subscriptions. When cells are exposed to EMFs, increases in calcium signaling have been documented, the importance of this being that EMFs cause serious damage unbeknownst to us.

For the better half of almost three decades, it has been claimed that non-ionizing radiation is harmless and that the primary radiation concern is just ionizing radiation. However, Dr. Martin Pall’s research unequivocally proves this to be false.

‘It’s been very clear, going back all the way to 1971 and even before that, that this wasn’t true. But we didn’t know what the mechanism was. Now, we do. I think it’s very important, because the industry’s been trying to hoodwink everybody for decades. Now we know how it works. One of the other things that’s very important about this is that there is a wide variety of different health impacts that have been reported. Now we can explain how these problems arise.’

When our VGCCs (voltage-gated calcium channels) are exposed to EMFs (electromagnetic fields), they open up, allowing extremely high levels of calcium ions into our cells, (about 1 million ions per second per channel) subsequently DAMAGING them.

Excessive activation of VGCCs, plays a major role in highly elevated levels of intracellular-calcium, activating enzymes at much higher-than-normal levels. This DEGRADES essential cellular-structures.

Each VGCC has a voltage sensor. The structure which picks up electrical changes across the plasma membrane, while opening a new channel. EMFs work through this voltage sensor to activate the channel and radically exacerbate intra-cellular levels of vibration, pushed towards dangerous ranges of activity.

‘Because of the structure of the voltage sensor and its location in the plasma membrane, one can predict from basic physics that it’s extraordinarily sensitive to the electrical forces from EMFs,’ according to Dr. Martin L. Pall, Professor Emeritus of Biochemistry and Basic Medical Sciences, Washington State University.

Low intensity microwave EMFs produce neuropsychiatric effects, sometimes called ‘microwave syndrome’. Many who are ‘awakening’ feel the same exact resultant affects of their so-called, third-eye awakening, which manifests the same effects, most commonly identical to that of EMF symptoms.

Microwave EMF activates VGCCs that are heavily concentrated in the brain. Animal studies show such low level microwave EMFs have diverse high-impacts to the brain. VGCC activity causes widespread neuropsychiatric-effects in humans, as seen in a majority of the genetic studies being conducted today.

Specifically, 26 studies have concluded EMFs to be associated with adverse neuropsychiatric-effects. Five of the main criteria show death within a cell. EMFs cause at least 13 neuropsychiatric effects within the human body including depression symptoms, which are similar to the effects of EMF disruption and perceived, adversely affecting spiritual ‘awakening’ symptoms.

These forces are typically over seven million times stronger than our voltage sensors, rather than independently-charged electrical clusters. Hence, current safety standards are off by a factor of about 7.2 million.

Prematurely, very weak’ EMFs, which the system claims can’t hurt us, are actually causing us harm, constantly. They work by activating our VGCCs. This is critical to understanding this invasion into our cells, which points to excess calcium build-up in our cells, which can cause any number of things to ‘idiopathically’ occur. Not only do we get excess calcium signaling but we also get increased nitric oxide (NO). While NItric Oxide has many beneficial health effects, massive amounts of it reacts with superoxide adversely.

Pall’s research concludes that superoxide levels also rise in response to increased intercellular calcium, forming peroxynitrite, which is an extremely potent oxidant STRESSOR. We subsequently get hydroxyl radicals, carbonate radicals and NO2 radicals. All three do damage. Most of the damage done to cells is being done by excessive free radicals and some peroxynitrites. The overall effect on the body is massively pervasive harm. Excessive oxidative stress and nitrosative stress are involved in almost all chronic diseases. A great deal of pathophysiology is also correlated to excessive calcium-signaling.

It’s important to realise that not all oxidative signalling stress is harmful. The problem is EXCESSIVE oxidative stress, not commonly found free-radicals that are biologically useful. 

We can NEVER legitimately depend on ANY industry claims, which are well-funded by the pharmaceutical industry and it’s political power-manipulation. The system actively works to discredit research that demonstrates EMF harm, while defunding projects that reveal truth. Sadly, even the current head of the FCC, was formerly the chief LOBBYIST for the telecommunications industry!

Pall’s research has also drawn conclusions on how various people in the U.S. have been attacked. The funding for the EMF research, by the EPA was cut off starting in 1986. The U.S. Office of Naval Research had been funding a fair amount of studies in the area in the 1970’s. After stopping the funding for new grants in ‘86, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) followed the same path. Turkey and Iran remain two countries that have done some good research on EMFs.

The system is our enemy. The 1996 Telecommunications Act gave regulation to the FCC, which has done little to nothing in terms of protecting the public since that time. Incidentally, the FCC has prevented the public from protecting it’s health, with regard to exposures to cellphone towers and smart meters. Even beyond spying capabilities, we can’t even sue to prevent cellphone towers from being constructed near us. To Congress, our health makes no difference.

Where VGCCs are found to be the most dense, diseases usually follow closely behind. Many overly-excessive neuropsychiatric effects are being inflicted purposefully over much of the population, via our exposure to EMFs. The highest density of VGCCs are found in a person’s nervous system. So, many studies show MASSIVE changes in the structure of neurons, including cell death and synaptic dysfunction!

When the VGCCs are triggered in the brain, they release neurotransmitters and neuroendocrine hormones. Therefore, the long-term consequences of chronic EMF exposure to the brain, includes the following: ‘anxiety, depression, Autism, headaches, dizziness, sleep disorders, benign tumors, dementia, and Alzheimer’s.

Some of the known mechanisms by which EMFs affect the brain, through penetration of the blood-brain barrier, are acting to keep the brain safe from toxins. Many neurological diseases are linked to a compromised blood-brain barrier, including meningitis, Alzheimer’s and multiple sclerosis. EMFs increase permeability of the brain-blood barrier, allowing things such as mercury, aluminum, and viruses to more easily enter the brain.’

Long-term EMF exposure gives way to increased levels of free radicals. Free radicals cause cell damage. Long-term exposure to EMFs alters 143 expressions of our protein in the brain, which causes significant disruption in levels of serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine. All of this causes severe adverse effects upon mood, memory, learning, and stress.

Our hearts are also very sensitive to EMFs, particularly the pacemaker cells, as they have our highest-density of VGCCs. Therefore, EMFs tend to trigger the following conditions: Cardiac arrhythmias,
Atrial fibrillation, atrial flutter, premature atrial contractions (PACs) and premature ventricular contractions, also known as heart palpitations.

A third area with densely populated VGCCs is the reproductive system, particularly the male prostate. A consequence here is impaired or reduced fertility or testicular Cancer. There is evidence showing EMFs can cause both male and female infertility, but male infertility has been studied more frequently.

Studies on EMF’s causing Cancer, have also been blocked by the communications industry, to prevent people from obtaining real-world data on cellphone usage. Obviously, people who use their cellphones the most are at greatest risk of experiencing mitochondrial damage. Women who carry their cellphones in their bra, risk breast cancer. Brain cancer is a huge possibility from extended cellphone usage, if we keep the phone near our ear constantly.

We have been convinced by an overly-lobbied and deceptive telecommunications racket, which is part of the depopulation agenda in place. All-to-real concerns for public health are regarded as delusional myths, even though there is a multitude of compelling evidence which shows cellphones are more dangerous than even X-rays.

Some of the best evidence for exposing cell-phone damage to cells, comes from a German study by professor Franz Adlkofer. The study proves the effects of ionizing radiation equivalent to 1,600 chest X-rays are compared to 24 hours on a cell phone. Surprisingly, they found both produced roughly equivalent amounts of DNA breakage in many in-vitro studies.

The cell industry says there’s not enough energy in ionizing microwave radiation to cause direct damage to DNA bonds, which is true. HOWEVER, it’s the biological amplification, resulting in over-oxidizing stress that causes the real damage. Interestingly, most of the damage caused by ionizing radiation is actually due to secondary free radical formation which breaks up our DNA. It’s not directly from the energy within the actual radiation.

To reduce our risk of harm, we have to reduce our exposure to EMFs. Cellphone towers should be a major concern, if we work or go to school within 300 meters of one. Other sources of exposure are cordless phones, Wi-Fi routers, Bluetooth headsets and other Bluetooth-equipped items, wireless mice, keyboards, smart thermostats, baby monitors, smart meters and , our microwaves.

A partially helpful remedy is to turn off our Wi-Fi at night, which serves as unnecessary exposure. We can also work toward hard wiring our devices, so we don’t have to be in a magnetized Wi-Fi field, anymore than we have to.

While not widely publicized, in 2011, the Cancer research division of the World Health Organization, classified radio-frequency or EMF radiation from cellphones as being CARCINOGENIC.

We can not truly know the extent of the whole problem we face, mostly because the EPA was forced to stop measuring EMF over our country, all the way back in 1979. Worrisomely enough, every time we upgrade our bandwidths, we cause more cells to lose their ability work in accordance with our natural organic process.

We know there are primary biologic effects on all life forms at most EMF frequencies, and all other parts of the spectrum that can disrupt life at any level from the subatomic, to the entire biosphere we live in. American corporations, however, who are making trillions of dollars off of this, are spending a lot money to keep this information from us.

‘Present-day Electromagnetic fields destroy quantum signaling of coherence, non locality, and electron tunneling by altering time in our cells.’

Many observable realities of struggle for people today can be traced to EMF patterns and exposure, rather than chalking our symptoms up to ‘awakening’ symptoms of enlightenment. Such things as unfamiliar eating patterns, like sugar cravings are becoming more and more prevalent. Disruptions in sleeping patterns, because of excessive pressure, pain, and drilling sensations around the solar plexus and head, are causing widespread insomnia at times. People are hearing some kind of buzzing, metallic or mechanical sounds within the inner-ear.

So much of what we are experiencing right now is very indicative of so-called spiritual ‘awakenings.’ Smart meters, cell phone towers and electronics are all being used to deceive us into thinking we have opened our ‘third eye’, when in reality, we’re just being bombarded with electromagnetic pulse and frequency disruptions.

Heightened sensitivities are often do to mercury, which is being introduced into our bodies per chemtrails and vaccines. Mercury dental fillings also cause similar symptoms to what many are experiencing, because of interactions with our magnetic fields, via the gateway of mercury poisoning in our bodies. Smells are often intensified, along with technology often going haywire.

It is not our awareness of the electromagnetic waves which technology produce, which is causing uneasiness within us,but rather the fact that technology is emitting radiation and causing these ascension symptoms.

Being visually out of focus, with an element of haziness to our perceptions is a common distortion of reality being formed. Smart meters and cell towers are causing people to be out of balance and uncoordinated. EMF are forcing mental identifications of falsely-perceived synchronicities, also being reported by people. Waves of intense, conflicting and overly redundant emotions are often brought forward by both chemicals disrupting our endocrine system. Chemical disruptions are taking place from our absorption of mercury, as well as the radiation we are constantly being subjected to daily.

Those of us who are aware of some of the agendas in place in the world, deal with the burden of encountering more symptoms, simply because of our overall awareness. We are also being involuntary treated with drugs we don’t wish to consume, chemicals we don’t want to ingest and God only knows what else. EMF’s are not the problem alone. It is the CUMULATIVE EFFECT of all that’s being done to our environment and bodies, that is having these catastrophic effects on biology.

So when a person is unaware of the reasons for many strange symptoms being experienced, most blame the ‘flu’ season or something else, without a real explanation, such as EMF disruption. EMF is causing a subtle rift in false-awakenings not presently being discussed enough.

Our changes in sleep patterns, with inflated restless activity at the crown of one’s head, sudden waves of emotion, changes in weight and eating habits, amplification of senses, episodes of intense energy, changes in prayer or meditation and power surges, all provide ample indicators for people who develop false ‘awakening’ symptoms. Taking place presently, are many reflections of obvious manufactured-similarities between EMF symptoms and the destructive elements of pseudo-enlightenment being processed.

At the forefront of each mind-awakening manipulation, as compared to EMF cell-contortion are many similarities such as headaches, backaches, neck pains, flu-like symptoms (this is called vibrational flu), digestive problems, muscular spasms or cramps, racing heartbeat, chest pains, changes in sexual desire, numbness or pain in the limbs and involuntary vocalisations or bodily movements. Vivid and lucid dreaming is prevalent, emotional and mental confusion, impatience, a loss of interest in more extroverted-type activities, replaced with solitude, and lastly, moving through learning and personal issues at a rapid pace. We also experience electrical malfunctions, increased synchronicities and altered state’s of consciousness like left-brain fogginess, dizziness and having accidents, as well as heart palpitations.

In conclusion, our electromagnetic frequencies are surely being manipulated to awaken many, as well as silently working to depopulate people by disrupting our natural biological ways of life.

Similarities are unmistakable when comparing various sides of electromagnetic field distortion, with that of pineal gland awakenings we’re being exposed to. True awakenings are not on the mind and it’s magnetic field. A true awakening is experienced throughout the energy of the body, leaving CLARITY of thought, instead of confusion within the encounter of all that is.

The elite are most assuredly working to influence our thoughts and vibrations externally, further affecting our overall health, wellness and quality of life. Our perceptions of life are being purposefully distorted, as well. Therefore, we must strive to believe nothing, especially our random thoughts. The world will grow less dangerous, once we all become more aware of what ails us. ⚡️

Cell towers, radiation & smart-meters are all known to cause insomnia, headaches, cancer, etc. https://www.disclose.tv/telepathy-is-real-how-wifi-connects…




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