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Just been reading a white paper created by Uni of Surrey on 5G, at the moment the UK has approx 40,000 base station sites to cope with Wi-Fi, If they get the 5Gnetwork up and running, that will mean that the City of London would require that many alone. The Urban areas would need tens of thousands of small wireless cells as they only cover 100-200 meters!

This new 5G system will use Millimetre waves, the same waves used by the US Army to disperse crowds, using a beam that burns, studies to date show that MMW causes a host of health problems including skin and eye injuries,cancers, heart problems even affecting our DNA. Also the Eco system.

Despite safety concerns by many Scientists, Doctors and Biologists in which they have conducted 10,000 studies and are speaking out about the dangers, Govts and Multi national companies are pushing this new technology for all its worth.

The cover up of this dangerous technology is very deep, the 5G will use pulsed Millimeter waves and yet studies on the safety aspect are misleading as they do not pulse the waves.

Think of how many times that Governments have claimed something to be safe before, Agent Orange,Asbestos, Lead paint, just to name a few.

We know that they have hidden health aspects for profits many times before,can you imagine the health implications of having these Electromagnet waves pulsed at us every few hundred yards? 

To put it into perspective, we are now aware of masts causing cancers,presently at a maximum of 6 GHZ, imagine what 6GHZ to 100GHZ would do?

Medical experts world wide are calling for action.

I think we should be educating ourselves and putting a stop to this before it rolls out, don’t you?

I propose that people make themselves aware of this technology then join your own community in condemning this now, before its too late.


If the useless eliters have their way, it will only be a matter of time before the ability to connect to others of like minds will be removed. Under the guise of protection from all things anti-Govt(terrorist) related. Let us be honest, this war is on us, the public. 

The Intention is to imprison us in a techno prison, that is why it is so important to connect on a community level and to get the cooperation of larger groups of people. 

The 5G networks are the net that the Kontrollers will try to use to enslave humanity. If you take the time to read about this (not from those who wish to roll this out for power or profit) from experts with nothing to gain from speaking the truth, you will realise that we need to make this a catalyst for real action. 

If every area organises community based groups who can share relevant Information on the dangers of 5G and strategies to combat the dangers to life and health, we may have a chance of changing our future.

Even if you do not know people in your own area who may agree with your concerns, that does not mean they are not there. 

Use social media to ask for like minded people to come together. Create leaflets or make posters to connect to others. 

Or take the initiative in any way you can, to get back to face to face solutions, every single town and community needs to be aware of the dangers they are facing with 5G and be willing to make a stand. Share responsibility, organise, do whatever you can. It really is make or break for humanity.


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