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Governments and Telecommunications companies around the world are happily promoting 5G technology as a  faster and better connectivity for future use.

What they fail to mention is that it will also lead to taxes on data use and rationing.

According to academics and researchers, information and communication technology could use 20% of all the worlds electricity by 2025. Data centres alone would require the electrical equivalent of 8 large nuclear powers stations.

One data centre planned for Co Galway in Ireland by Apple will use 8% of the national capacity, and 144 large diesel generators as back ups,more than the daily usage of the entire Dublin population.

Data centres will consume 20% of Irelands capacity by 2025  according to the main grid, Eirgrid.

According to a study by professor Bitterlin, data centres in Japan will consume its entire electricity supply by 2030 if trends continue.

Experts believe that data centres will treble the amount of energy used in just ten years

Reports from Berkeley University for the US govt state that a single large data centre such as those supporting Amazon, Facebook or Google  can consume as much power as a small city in the 60-70MW range.

Data centres world wide currently consume the equivalent of 30 Nuclear power plants.

The report also states that to avoid an energy crisis, next generation data centres must offer high performance without an energy consumption increase which means that the reports of higher energy uses for the Internet of Things and the billions of internet connects planned are going to create that energy crisis.

Just as in Jevon,s paradox, the easier you make it to consume a product, the greater the consumption.

With the Internet of Things devices, people will have all energy usage monitored, an energy crisis will mean rationed use and taxation.

Individuals or even whole neighbourhoods could become cut off if energy consumption has reached its quota.

Why are we advancing the shortage of energy with 5G technology whilst claiming that it will mean faster speeds and better connectivity, at the same time knowing full well that the increase in data centres will create energy rationing?

The fallacy of  5G is transparent, they intend to create an energy shortage which allows the Internet of Things appliances to monitor our usage in order to create rationed usage of electricity and Internet use in the future.

Another report by the Knowledge Transfer  Network states that data centre equipment in London is generic and that better data centre facilities at other trading centres will mean high speed trading could move off shore putting the £21 Billion the UK gets in tax receipts from the financial sector at risk. There are £2.2 trillion of foreign assets under management in the UK which have no physical link to the UK.https://admin.ktn-uk.co.uk/app/uploads/2016/12/KTN_A4_Big-Data_v9.pdf

If other Global trading centres develop improved data centre hardware, financial trade could move outside of the UK.

Data centres are expected to treble over the next ten years. Data centres in cold climates reduce the energy needed so places like Sweden will be in great demand.

It is important that we educate people who believe that 5G will bring in better connectivity and speeds to the fact that it will also lead to a rationed service and even a financial crash as trade is conducted in colder climates.







  1. The Internet of Things and cloud storage is going to be a massive consumer of energy. I wonder given the internet is such a valuable tool for propaganda, programming, mass manipulation and spying why they would take measure that will restrict peoples access to it?

  2. Consuming energy, there is another big secret in their web of lies. I don’t think they are worried about energy they have endless supplies of it.

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