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We don’t need the 5G to get extinction, 4G will do it easily, Barrie Trower knows that. We are already exposed to millimeter waves corresponding to very high frequencies of the electromagnetic spectrum. The 4G signal goes up to 6 Ghz including 2.45 Ghz (wifi), and the wifi frequency is the same in which microwave ovens work. The loss of fertility in women is already a terrible reality and the virtual extinction of humans (the loss of enough new births for sustain healthy human populations), will happen in 20 years or less, not in 50 or 60.

> The two biggest threats to the Biosphere, besides the nuclear radiation from power plants and the threat of nuclear war : electromagnetic radiation and climate engineering. <


“..This radiation travels through concrete, and much more easily through our bodies. When this radiation touches the eggs of WOMEN, the eggs will hardnet and women will stay sterile because the eggs will not be able to be fertilized by the sperm. The spermatozoid will not be able to enter inside the egg. Joe Imbriano explains this process very well. Barrie Trower is another very important voice and there are many others trying to warn the populations. And the Babies that will be born, will carrie genetic defects resulting from being exposed to electromagnetic radiation in the embryo phase and in the early stage of fetal phase. In the majority of the western countries, at this moment there is one birth for each 100 citizens, in the US is one birth for each 85 persons. Make the math, this means extinction in two or three generations. This is the depopulation plan of the elites.”


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