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The Executive Director of the United Nations Environment Programme was also the Norwegian Minister for International Development and Environment in 2009. His name is Erik Solheim. In 2009, he brokered a deal with the Guyana President,Jagdeo.

Encouraged by Prince Charles, the deal was to create a Low Carbon

Development Strategy that would give Guyana a $250 Million payment to stop Deforestation, which was seen as a measure to combat Climate Change.

Why Norway chose Guyana was a mystery because they had no links nor did Norway have any one on the ground in the Country, it was also a strange place to choose because Guyana had an historically ‘High Forest-Low Deforestation’ record. But Norway did not choose Guyana, Erik Solheim did!

This Strategy involved the building of a Hydro Power Plant Amaila Falls.

The building of which would cause the Deforestation 0f 4,500 Hectares of Forest!

The Strategy was also to involve World Bank, UNDP and the Inter-America Development Bank. The Project was to be developed by Blackstone Group, using their company Sithe Global.

By 2012,$69 Million had been transferred from Norway and $63 Million was still sitting in the World Bank. By 2013, Blackstone had pulled out of the deal when the Opposition Govt in Guyana realised that the Dam would cost somewhere in the region of $1 Billion.

In the meantime, the access road has been built at a cost of $20 Million by a Company who had no experience of building roads, part of which has collapsed, and a report by a consultation group states : The road has led to increased Deforestation with Loggers and created easier access to mining and the exploitation of the Forest, the Dam proposals do not meet the Standards required, does not meet the requirements for low Carbon development and the Community living in the area were never informed of the plans and just removed, while the President of Guyana lied claiming this was something that he had done.

Meanwhile Norway changed its normal policy of taking the money back after a set period of time of non- use, seven years after the initial plan and in 2016 opted to leave the plan in place for three more years.

Meanwhile in 2017, a US Geological Survey on the Guyanes Coast reports that it holds recoverable oil reserves of 13.6 Billion barrels and Gas reserves of 32 Trillion Cubic Feet, production of which is due to begin with Exxon Mobile in 2020.

A clear example how the UN, Govts, Banks and NGO,s use Climate Change as a means to further their agenda and front exploitation of resources.

NB- An Internet search of the UN Executive Director, Erik Solheim, who was responsible for this and the words-NEW WORLD ORDER- show exactly what these people are all about and it has nothing to do with protecting the Environment.




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