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Trees and Ashes.
The practise of Catholics and Christians from ancient days was to burn crosses of wood on Ash Wednesday to mark the 40 days beginning of Lent.
These days, a sign of the cross is emblazoned on foreheads from Ash. Often, the words, ” Dust thou art and unto dust shall thou return” is also recited by the religious person involved.
The practise is also linked to Trees as the Palm trees were burnt for this purpose the previous year.
Upon decoding the Economist, the links to the S. Korean Winter games, 5G technology being in place, a false virus update and the implementing of Military in place of guards, it is clear that these games will be used to create an event to further the agenda of the globalists. { If you do not believe thus far then I suggest you stop here } So, if an event is planned then when?
After researching events surrounding these games, I was struck by how many times trees are involved, for instance, ancient forests were destroyed for a ski slope that would last all of three weeks. http://www.gamesmonitor.org.uk/node/2228
I then noticed that the medals themselves, according to the IOC, “inspired by the texture of tree trunks”.
A huge tree of Life has been created costing half a million dollars, outside the stadium.http://uk.businessinsider.com/tree-of-life-monument-2018-py…
And Gold coins celebrate ‘Jwibulnori’ which means a custom whereby fields are set on fire and the ashes used as fertiliser.
It made me consider that this all points to an event that coincides with trees and ash, which would be Ash Wednesday, the 14th Feb.
Lo and behold, I found an article written by the Chief Communications Officer for the Centre for Strategic and International Studies last month. This is the global and policy dialogue think tank in Washington. It discusses current events of a serious nature, Syria, N.Korea etc and then at the end of the article, the Chief Communications officer talks about his fondness for David Bowies song, Ashes to Ashes and how it is an eerie song. ( Ashes to Ashes is derived from the English burial service which also states, dust thou art and to dust shall thou return) Is this not an odd comment for an International Chief Communications officer to add to the website? https://www.csis.org/…/evening-north-korea-syria-attacks%C2…
I also read the Chabad for that date-14th feb 2018 and it reads, 5. O Lord, incline Your heavens and descend; touch the mountains and they will become vapor. 6. Flash one bolt of lightning and You will scatter them; send out Your arrows and You will confound them. And this is the chabad 11. Let burning coals fall upon them; let it cast them down into the fire, into deep pits, never to rise again. I believe that a false flag attack will happen on Ash Wednesday – 14th February 2018 that will use the 5G technology, a fire sacrifice. I also believe that a false pandemic will occur. As always, I hope that I am wrong.( Guards is a clue to whats going on, 4 + 1=5 (Guards) = G ) This is 5G in action!



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