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Are you aware of the dangers of 5G Technology?

If the answer is no then I suggest you use this and other sites to get up to speed before this technology is forced upon an unsuspecting public.

If the answer is Yes, then you must be concerned as many others are, to the health, environment and surveillance implications for our future.

As we know, social media is having a purge on the Alternative Research Community, making it impossible to share important research, this is not coincidence at this time. The Globalists intend to roll out a very sinister and dangerous technology that will be hailed as faster broadband, better connectivity and a great new idea of connecting everything to the Internet of Things.

The problem is that we too, will become the things.

Whilst experts have refuted the claims that this technology will mean faster/better/greater and scientists and doctors have written thousands of peer reviewed studies that prove beyond doubt that EMR is already a serious danger, whilst the next generation of this technology will be catastrophic for humanity.

In the meantime, the public for most part, have no idea exactly what 5G is.

It is up to us to inform and educate in our own communities.

This is achievable if people get onboard. How can the public refuse something like 5G if they do not know exactly what it entails?

We owe it to our children and to their children, to make sure that the future is safe, you MUST be willing to help or that old saying that ” All it takes for evil to exist is for good people to do nothing” will come to fruition.

We propose leaflet campaigns, street actions, make some noise, release balloons, change you FB profile to one that highlights 5G, advertise in the media, do whatever we can to highlight this dangerous technology.

Can you spare money for advertising costs or have a printer that can help spread the word?

It is time that we stood up for our rights, our health, our children and our future. We can only do this by direct action in our communities, please join the forum on this website, together we can create UK Against 5G.

Look for Facebook groups to join;






Or join the forum and create a group for your own area.


  1. I have been learning about this issue over the past few weeks, and feel that ,as ever , the general public are kept in the dark about the health and environmental implications with accepting 5G as part of daily life. We need to pass as much information on to others who may be living in ignorance , or who will be subjected to the health issues at no fault of their own. Would people put their ,or their own head in a microwave oven ?? I think not. I am going to do my best to help prevent this huge problem coming to my area.

  2. Why do we have no say as to what the airwaves carry. Unproven tech which has adverse effects to living cells both human and otherwise is rolled out stand up people we are all equal and can demand that we have control over our own environment. Elected or econonically powerful should not make intrusive deals that affect everyone. Stand up don’t put up. Act now

    1. Laurence, I completely agree with you. People need to realise that the government work for the people and not the other way around. Everyone must take a stand and take back the power which we give them. Without us the governments and corporations are nothing. Unfortunately these days people just seem to do as their told and think that they work for the government which couldn’t be further from the truth. More people need to stand against this and take back what was once theirs. Until this happens things are only going to get worse. I for one don’t want 5g antennas everywhere, its bad enough with the towers that are already there, which just seem to pop up over night.

  3. I have become increasingly aware of the dangers of 5G over the past few months. I posted a comment on the 5g UK website which was removed within a few hours of it going up. I used no fowel language or anything else for that matter that would warent my comment being removed. I simply told the truth about the dangers of 5g and although there were a few other “anti 5g” comments that have been up for a while and not been removed, I stuck to the facts and used peer reviewed studies within my comment. I believe this was the reason for the removal of my comment. I will post the comment that I shared with 5g UK here later for other people to read. It is an absolout discrase that this is being implemented without any public reaserch being carried out first and any truths posted on their propeganda are promptly removed.

  4. Hello,

    I don’t do grotty facebook, so can you put me in touch with any groups in the Nottingham/Derby area, please?



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