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The UK Government have deliberately created a smoke screen for accountability when it comes to 5G technology, the first thing they have done is umbrella the digital department, by adding it to the DCSM which has been the Department for Culture,Sports and Media for the past 25yrs, suddenly digital gets added in July 2017.So now its the Digital,Culture,Sports and media Dept. Very convenient for them, so what do we know of the DCSM?

Well first of the Culture Secretary in charge named Karen Bradley knows fuck all about technology, quoted as saying that she wanted to make ” the internet, the safest place online”…I kid you not! So who are the DCSM? They appointed a special advisor in 2016 called Craig Woodhouse, the same man who was the ‘Sun’ newspapers chief political correspondent and later became the press aide to the PM. DCSM claim that their policy is to promote growth in media and telecoms Industries whilst protecting the interests of the citizen. What a dichotomy!

The same body who collect all the license fees and pass them onto the BBC and fund channel 4, so they have the perfect outlet to spout all their 5G Bullshit! They also had a competition that gave £16 million to fund 5G testbeds and the winners are to be informed today! Can you see the irony of these Govt agencies?

Another Group heavily involved and linked to DCSM is InnovateUK,the name speaks for itself,they finance and support new technologies, the head honcho is Phil Smith who is also the Senior Independent director of a company that is called IQE plc, they manufacture smart technology so once again, a complete conflict of interests. Then we have the UK-Israel Tech Hub, one of the sponsors of the cyber conference held in Israel in January, also sponsored by the Israeli Security agency, the UN, Fox Rothschild, Google etc with talks from many Israeli 5G companies and that POS David Patreaus ex head of CIA. {We can research the people who are involved in these agencies and call them out for having huge conflicts of interest issues) 




  1. Great job Annie! If anyone doubts all the dots she is connecting please understand the creation of this nightmare began after WW-1 because the people in America were tricked to look upon the post 1947 armed forces as NOT as they were becoming, but as how they had known them and today we are in the same pattern of trickery. By 1948 the military establishment, unknown to the people, was being rapidly and covertly diverted into framework for the early days of the creation of CIA. When those early days arrived the ground work was laid for the future power system we are under today and like before the masses see something as NOT as its becoming and that is world government, wireless technology , its uses and much more.

    That power system born in 1948 is using wireless radiation for a plan. This power system today is in place through secret and covert channels within our Federal Governments structure, through our industry, academic world, medicine, media, publishing and military establishment globally. And last but not least an endless war on terror will only help force what’s planned to be put in place over the next 30 Looking at the last 100 years. of controlled events one main purpose can easily be seen today; it was/is for eventual world domination through the establishment of a modern feudalist society controlled by the world’s central banks working with Established subordinate structures called Round-Table Groups globally. The Round-Table Group in the United States today became known as the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR).

    To understand Americas “grand strategy” one must understand American Foreign Policy, and to under Americas Foreign Policy one must understand the role of the CFRs. The CFR after WWII transformed the battleground expanding their “connections” with Hitler’s intelligence networks from the War into the formation of our own CIA. Thats the group President Eisenhower identified as the “Military Industrial Complex,” in his farewell speech. The historical framework put in place for beginning deployment of everything “smart” https://www.facebook.com/jeff.chiacchieri/posts/10213901847254238

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