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What’s brewing at the FCC?

Excerpts from Bruce Kushnick’s article:


“With the ability to control the FCC votes, the Telecomm companies have been emboldened to ask the FCC for anything and everything, as they know that their friends at the FCC will, of course, oblige.”

“An Insidious, Very Under-The-Radar Plan

At the core of all of this, the companies’ wants and desires are now encapsulated in a series of current FCC proceedings, which, from the outside, do not seem tied together, but are designed to fulfil their primary goals to become unregulated Wireless-only entertainment companies . . . and to get there they will shut off the retail wired networks and force customers onto more expensive Wireless networks in their homes and offices.”

“The transition from ‘Wireline’ to ‘Wireless’ has been going on for about a decade —and it has been one big con job.
Frankly, this 5G debacle and the many FCC proceedings in this ludicrous 11/16/17 FCC collection of rulings are designed to pre-empt state and city laws — including zoning regulations — to steal access to public utility/light poles at below market rates and to meld private wireless antennas onto public property in order to transfer massive liability to the taxpayer.”

Full Article https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/5a041fb3e4b055de8d096ab0



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