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When I first began campaigning against 5G, I was interviewed by Richie Allen. I had seen Marks videos and asked Richie to interview him, I told Mark that I had done so.Mark went on to have many more interviews but for some reason wanted nothing to do with the 5G campaign, he was only interested in getting people to join his political party, SUN.

Never the less I had already changed the 5G leaflets to include his political party, expecting his approval meant that he would help the campaign too, even if it just meant mentioning it on FB let alone in interviews.

He never did.

I contacted a EMF research group to ask about Gateshead and the 5G connection.

I was informed that they had offered to go to Gateshead after talking to Mark, that they had offered to test the lamp posts and the people who had been affected, all free of charge.

This was offered several times and was refused by Mark. They did NOT beg him as he has lied during a debate, why would anyone have to beg to test a lampost? Its not exactly owned by him or in his house! They asked him twice.

They informed him that the equipment that he was using was not sufficient.

Some people offered to help Mark with his campaign against 5G and he declined.

Others mentioned that it would be a good idea to keep a log and test intermittently, he declined.

I then put the research group into contact with a  a local from Gateshead, this woman had also supported Mark and even got him several interviews and they were able to pinpoint the  same areas that Mark tested. There was no 5G coming from the lamp posts.

This leads me to the conclusion that Mark and his brother, Graham,  who has been on my FB friend list under a false name of Ben Travis for some time, are not to be trusted.

In a recent debate with me he claimed that the EMF research group called BEMRI do not know what they are talking about yet the group holds one of the scientists who has put his name to a petition calling for a moratorium on 5G, along with other scientists.

Steele is happy to quote this fact in interviews even though he claims they do not know about 5G.

He claims that BEMRI are likened to Cancer Research in a debate, this is known NLP tactics, by deflecting away from the question and putting the idea in peoples mind ( people who are aware of the scam of Cancer Research) that BEMRI is also a con. This group have been involved in public awareness of the dangers of EMF and RF for nearly 60 years.

He also claims that I do not know anything about 5G but is happy to add my website to his for further information.

His arguments that Gateshead are transmitting 5G are lies, used to get people to join his political group that has NO chance of stopping 5G, it would take 3 years to even get a seat and that would be far too late.They have openly stated that 5G will be rolled out over the next 2 years!

Stop following false leaders.

This man added my Interviews via YT to his website, these were Interviews conducted BEFORE I realised what he was really about. He added these just recently, even AFTER we had debated the issues in which I had called him out, so why add them afterwards?

He called me a stalker in that debate, why? Because I had posed questions in a chat box in which he was repeating his lies about Gateshead, a public interview that asks for questions in a chat box.

Ask yourself, how is it possible for the lies about Gateshead lamposts to go mainstream on his say so? It is called Cointelpro.

We have a campaign that anyone can join and help to highlight 5G in your own community. A campaign that this man has known about since its start but who refused to even mention it, why? Because he wants you to do nothing and leave it to him and his brother to ‘ Save Us Now’. No, Its long past expecting politicians to save you, save yourself and others by joining a real fightback.https://www.vigiliae.org/5g-mass-action-campaign/https://www.vigiliae.org/5g-mass-action-campaign/

Ask Steele how is it possible that he and his brother have mobile phones with just one digit at the end different?

Government issues.

Ask the Steele brothers how they managed to get their products sold on an Israeli Homeland Security Website.

Has also got his product being sold in the UK Defence Supply Chain, as we can see here, he also has his product being sold on the Israeli Homeland security website.
UK Defence Supply has other organisations linked to it, as seen by their website, one of which is InnovateUK, who are the organisation funded by the Dept of Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, to push the 5G agenda.
They awarded the so called 5G test bed competition to various companies and councils and they also funded the Uk-Israeli Hub technology Conference in Israel in January 2018, they have also been given an award for Smart technology.


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