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I have documented the event that occurred in Wuhan just a short time before the ‘alleged’ Corona outbreak.

The 7th Military Games was held and featured a strong UN and military connection in the opening ceremony.

Here is a link to that article: https://www.vigiliae.org/virus-link-to-5g/ 

This is not the ONLY event that took place during the games.

The Wuhan  military games was also attended by 20 defence ministers as well as more than 10,000 soldiers from 109 countries who participated in a record 329 sporting events over 10 days. This is the first time China has hosted the quadrennial games in its 24-year history.

During the military games which took place from the 18th October 2019 to the 28th October, another meeting took place.

The 9th Xiangshan Forum.

 This event took place  from Oct. 20 to 22, the principles and objectives of the UN and the UN charter at its core!





 Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense Chad Sbragia became the highest US defense official to join the Beijing security forum. His 20-man team was also the biggest delegation the US dispatched for the event. Russia also sent its highest defense official, Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, to attend.

Military to military relations and security cooperation?

Involving 76 countries!

And as if by magic…a virus reportedly appears, to bring about said  security cooperation!

During this military event, the standards were set for 5G hospitals!

And shortly after this event a world wide 5G conference was held.

So, military games in Wuhan showcasing the UN and the military, a military meeting involving the UN core objectives and a world wide 5G conference all held weeks before this reported outbreak?

Now can you see what is really going on?

The UK pushing through the rounding up by police of anyone who they ‘suspect’ of having the virus?


Whilst the man who has signed this into place has also been in charge of the 5G agenda and has also sold off large swathes of the NHS in England to private contractors like Branson.

It is clear that the UN agenda is being adhered to and we can see by  what means!  


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