5G Side Effects
FCC Avoidance
Political Corruption
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  • 5G Side Effects
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  • Political Corruption
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Your silence is your consent
Your silence is your consent

Government Agencies and University funded 5G research is being paid for by the telecommunications Industry who stand to profit from the 5G roll out. Government can no longer be trusted to put our health before profit. If this technology is supposedly safe, why do the American military use millimeter wave technology weapons that disperse crowds, causing burns to the skin?

We demand Independent, long term, medical and safety research BEFORE this technology is rolled out in our streets and homes. Those who force this technology on us without proper safety assessments should be held accountable for any harm that this technology causes.

It’s time for Mankind to find it’s true nature and take back it’s power. 5G Wireless is one of this website’s most pressing concerns as it poses an immediate clear and present danger to our health and as this website develops and grows you will find further information and useful links to resources that will guide you to educate yourself and campaign against the forces who seek to endanger the health of your families. Remember you’re silence is you given them consent, so don’t be silent and get involved.

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