Ticking Timebomb
Thousands of studies link low-level wireless radio frequency radiation exposures to a long list of adverse biological effects.
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Ruled by fear
Terrorism: "A system of government that seeks to rule by intimidation.
Make the doctors liable
"There has never been a single vaccine in this country that has ever been submitted to a controlled scientific study.
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Every politician has a price
“Money and Corruption Are ruining the land Crooked politicians Betray the working man, Pocketing the profits And treating us like sheep"
Justinian Deception
The Mother of all Deceptions: The Concept of Modern Day Slavery:
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  • Ticking Timebomb
  • Ruled by fear
  • Make the doctors liable
  • Every politician has a price
  • Justinian Deception
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Your silence is your consent
Your silence is your consent

This website's aim is to share research and change the path we are on imposed upon us by elitist rulers and merciless bankers , from dangerous technologies that cause harmful side effects and are being fought on  an International level, and new ones that are being forced onto an unsuspecting public with no safety measures in place, vaccination programmes that have a sinister agenda and create wealth for Big Pharma companies to Alternative Truth that is being suppressed and  discouraged on social media such as YouTube.

It's time for Mankind to find it's true nature and take back it's power. 5G Wireless is one of this website's most pressing concerns as it poses an immediate clear and present danger to our health and as this website develops and grows you will find further information and useful links to resources that will guide you to face these problems. Remember you're silence is you given them consent, so don't be silent, be loud, be proud and get involved.