5G Side Effects
FCC Avoidance
Political Corruption
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  • 5G Side Effects
  • FCC Avoidance
  • Political Corruption
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Government Agencies and University funded 5G research is being paid for by the telecommunications Industry who stand to profit from the 5G roll out. Government can no longer be trusted to put our health before profit. If this technology is supposedly safe, why do the American military use millimeter wave technology weapons that disperse crowds, causing temperature rises that resemble burns of the skin? Why have hundreds of scientists requested a halt to determine the safety of this technology before it is rolled out? 

We demand Independent, long term, medical and safety research BEFORE this technology is rolled out in our streets and homes. Those who force this technology on us without proper safety assessments should be held accountable for any harm that this technology causes.

It’s time for Mankind to find it’s true nature and take back it’s power. 5G Wireless was one of this website’s most pressing concerns as it poses a clear and present danger to our health. Since the site’s creation we have been informed that we are in a global ‘pandemic’ situation due to a deadly virus. The evidence presented within this website aims to question the official narrative and shed light on those claims of a global pandemic. 

Why is there media silence over the Global Preparedness Monitoring Board (which has the Chinese CDC as a member) and their plans to hold a global pandemic exercise involving  a respiratory virus that causes a pandemic which began in September 2019 and involved ALL WHO countries?

Media Lies