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5G Mass Action Campaign

Governments and telecom companies around the world are pushing for a rollout of 5G technology adding to our current technology, despite the fact that it comes with greater health risks, excessive financial costs, complete invasion of privacy and the ability to be utilized as a sophisticated weapon.
Substantial evidence and studies exist to prove that 5G millimetre waves are dangerous to humans and our environment as well as birds and bees.
Those most at risk include the unborn, children, the infirm, the elderly and the disabled.
5G Millimetre waves affect the eyes, skin and testes. Published studies show that current wireless exposure already causes cancers, alters brain development and contributes too many of our health problems.
Living near phone masts causes head aches, memory problems, dizziness, depression and sleep problems as well as life threatening cancers yet Govt’s are preparing to install small cell towers and wireless facilities everywhere, including on streetlights and utility poles as well as covering the whole of the country with small cell towersbetween 100 to 300 metres apart and directly in front of our homes.
Radiation is cumulative so over a period of time, the health of the nation will deteriorate adding to our current wireless technology and bringing another layer of radiation to our environment, using higher
frequencies and dangerous millimetre waves.
The dangers of 5G to our health has prompted 230 Doctors and Scientists from 80 countries to call for a Moratorium yet Govt’s are ignoring any studies that show risks in favour of Industry led research.
It will not be the first time that Govt’s have pushed highly dangerous substances our way only to discover the health risks later on, think Asbestos, DDT, Lead paint etc. which is why Lloyds has refused to insure against health problems stemming from 5G technology.
The costs of this technology will passed onto the consumer as plans to connect everything we own such as domestic appliances is connected to the Internet, for which they coin the phrase the Internet of things, affecting house prices as small cell towers start to show the cumulative health effects.
Invasion of Privacy
According to a signal processing expert, 5G antennas can be used as a 3D mapping system and a sophisticated weapons system. The 3D mapping system allows for surveillance even in your own home, whilst the Internet of things appliances collect data on everything you do, use etc. this will create a massive global surveillance grid.
No surprise that the CIA has funded many companies that produce software and hardware via its venture capital company, In - Q -tel.
5G millimeter waves have been used as a military weapon for many years in many countries using such things as brain hacking techniques, even the Winter Olympics which was held in 2018 showcased using 5G technology by reportedly shooting rays and creating sounds to disturb the wild boars.
We need are - evaluation of health effects including skin physiology, multi - generational reproductive and development toxicity studies on the current radiation levels and the new technology, in the meantime we need to do what many regions have done and invest in safer and smarter fiber optic cabling all the way to each home, rather than antennas in front yards. Wired fiberoptic connections are safer, faster, more reliable, provide greater capacity, and are more cyber - secure. And as wireless expert and ex director of Ofcom, Professor William Webb states, 5G is no guarantee of better connectivity or faster speeds. What can we do?
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