In June 2020 the UN published a report claiming that Iran was responsible for attacks on Saudi Arabia in September 2019. The weapons used were said to be of Iranian origin according to the UN and Iran were accused of using weapons to destabilise the middle east.

Despite the denials of the Iranians, who were one of the original members of the UN, that they were responsible, the UN supported the US and declared the weapons embargo to now be indefinite. 

The UN found no evidence of military or financial link from the Iranians to the Yemen rebels known as Houthi previously but claimed that they had been given fuel by the Iranians to raise funds for their cause.

Link to reported claims of who Houthi rebels  are.

The UN claimed that arms were also seized off the Iranian coast which they claim also proved that Iran have violated the arms embargo.

On the 23rd November 2020, a report claimed that a Saudi Arabian oil field had been targeted by the Houthi.

On the 27th November 2020, a senior Iranian scientist was reportedly assassinated and blame has been given to Israel and USA.



Interesting date for the attack and number plate : 9.11


Mohsen Fakhrizadeh who was shot in an ambush by a reported 12 assailants and died later from his injuries.

The murdered Fakhrizadeh has been discussed  in the past by the Isreali leadership as someone to watch.

Although he was known to be the man at the helm of the nuclear programmes, Fakhrizadeh was also at the forefront of the testing CV19 test and trace applications and the vaccine production with tests being carried out in Iran in November, the same month in which it was claimed that he was shot.

The Times of Israel reports on the attack.

Curiously, many known false flag attacks that have been perpetrated on the public by the national security agencies have used the same brand of car for the storyline.

Reports that the Iranian scientist was driving in a Nissan car have emerged,  Nissan is reportedly also the brand of the truck that was left at the scene with a bomb attached that caused the Nissan car being driven by the scientist, to slow down. This reportedly led to the gun fight that occurred afterwards.

After past reports of attacks that have been obviously created by NSA and the constant mention of Nissan cars being involved, I was of the firm belief that it was a code to let those in the know, know.


The 7/7 false flag attack that occurred  blamed patsies and reports claimed that one of the perpetrator’s, Tanweer had left his Nissan Micra at Luton station.

The Manchester bomb reports claimed that the bomber also drove a Nissan Micra, in this article the car was said to hold a sports bag with the name of an American football team. 

The man claimed to be responsible for 9-11 was also named Mohamed Atta’s Nissan Altima.

The reports of the 2010 Times Square car bomb was a Nissan.

This article appeared some time later stating that an American Football club had been home to a terror drill at their Nissan stadium exactly a year ago. In November 2019.

In the reported cyber attack of 2017, the attack hit the NHS and the Nissan car factory?

The Columbian car bomb in 2019 was a Nissan too.

A top Pentagon spokesperson Dana W White, who was the former assistant to the Secretary of Defence for public affairs was also a former director of policy and strategic communications for Nissan.

Coding in the media using names and places etc is nothing new and has been called predictive programming in many instances in the past. The Olympic ceremony imagery was used to convey the future plans, a link to my video on the subject:

Below is a picture of the ceremony showing  a chinese woman in front of an image that resembled the Wuhan market images.

The fact that Fakhrizadeh was head of the CV19 vaccines and testing operations means that Iran are in line with the global agenda of the UN and WHO.

My belief is that this is a major false flag at work.

If we cast our minds back to January 2020, another Iranian scientist was reportedly assassinated and claims made that this was the work of USA.

In this report, it makes claims that US assassinated an Iranian scientist and that:

The revenge would come in the form of attacks on the power grid, banks and communications networks as well as health facilities.

This appears to be a case of problem-reaction-solution.

Although no such revenge was enacted at the beginning of the year, it seems obvious to me that the targeting of the power grid, banks, healthcare and communications will fall exactly in line with Agenda 20/30 and the UN goals.

The UN joined in on the condemnation of Iran in June 2020 when they published a report claiming that Iran was responsible for an attack on Saudia Arabia in Sept 2019. Because the UN claimed that the weapons used were of Iran origin.

The report also claimed that they would call for an indefinite  weapons embargo instead of the 13 years ban that the US had called for.

So we can see that the UN along with USA were involved in the reported dispute. But as we know, all the world is a stage and the world stage now is being used to play out a multitude of scenarios in order to bring about a conclusion that will usher in the ‘4th Industrial Revolution’ or ‘Reset’.

The revenge could be exactly what they claimed could happen a year ago.

If banks were targeted it would bring about the planned digital currency agenda. The health system would be steered in the direction required by the UN and the power grids have long since been ‘a threat’ that we could be facing.

Problem-Reaction-Solution works every time.

The  picture does NOT represent evidence of a truck bomb and a shoot out by several people with many deaths nor is it evidence that this is what actually happened.


Within days, the story has been changed to alter the original version.


During the years leading up to the CV pandemic claims, many top level meetings took place. Pandemic preparedness was discussed in detail and the need for all countries to ‘be prepared’ for a possible pandemic.

It was clear that an agreement had been reached that a preparedness exercise BEFORE a pandemic was cost effective and necessary.

In this document dated July 2018, a meeting took place for global health security at the John Hopkins Centre which was attended by 70 organisations, all of whom were asked for input into global health security strategy .


During this meeting it was stated that although concentrating efforts on a ‘dangerous pathogen’ was limiting, it allowed  for the DoD to work with other partners and countries, which would not be ordinarily permitted and that it would be cost effective to have plans in place BEFORE a real pandemic.



Proof that the plans for global preparedness needed to involve a ‘dangerous pathogen’ so that the DoD could have full control.

This was no ordinary meeting, it was attended by the following:



They discuss how it enables them to identify what does and does not work. And allows the DoD involvement helping share several military goals.


So it is clear that in July 2018, the decision was made in a global health security meeting at the John Hopkins Centre,  for the need to test run a security risk. This would have to involve a lethal ‘pathogen’ to enable the DoD to have full involvement and allow global health security to be coordinated in all countries.

The John Hopkins Centre  is at the forefront of the claims being made about this CV pandemic.

On 18th September 2019, the John Hopkins Centre created this document on behalf of the Global Preparedness Monitoring Board.


This report states:

A report presented to a Global Preparedness Monitoring Board, by the JHC months before the reported outbreak, which discusses how preparedness plans should be followed. 

 The  GPMB is a monitoring board that has members who are  involved in all aspects of the ‘reported’  CV pandemic, including the Chinese CDC Director General and others such as Fauci, Gates Foundation and Wellcome trust. 



The GMPB recommended:

Calling for the UN and WHO to conduct two training and simulation exercises on the release of a lethal  respiratory pathogen to help mobilise national, international and multilateral action. Between September 2019 and September 2020.

The WHO and World bank plan encouraged countries to have a cost effective plan for a pandemic at the ready by July 2019.  That was acted upon by  59 countries who submitted a National Action Plan for Health Security (NAPHS).

This preparedness plan was to begin from Sept 2019 and to end  Sept 2020 which also included instructions to hold two simulation exercises, one would involve a lethal pathogen that causes a global pandemic.

My full article explains in depth links to agencies and their involvement.

The Global Action Plan broadly complements the United Nations System-wide Strategic Document, which describes the work of the United Nations Development System as a whole to support implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

The Global Action Plan was  launched on September 24, 2019 on the side-lines of the United Nations General Assembly in New York.


How is possible for a high level ‘Pandemic Preparedness Plan ‘ exercise to be called for and initiated  involving agencies such as WHO, UN, CDC, National Academy of Medicine, Wellcome Trust, Gates Foundation, NIH, Chinese CDC,  FDA, BMJ, DHHS, Dept of Defence, Homeland Security, National Security Council, John Hopkins Centre,  DARPA and many International agencies and departments, at the SAME TIME as a reportedly genuine pandemic?

It is obviously apparent that they are one and the same.

The John Hopkins Centre at the forefront of preparedness for global health,  with the input of many agencies, agreed upon the need to create plans to establish the shortcomings of all WHO countries to react to future pandemics.


• Jarbas Barbosa da Silva Jr., Pan American Health Organization
• Rick Bright, US Department of Health and Human Services
• Elizabeth Cameron, Nuclear Threat Initiative
• Gail Carson, University of Oxford
• Jeremy Farrar, Wellcome Trust
• Keiji Fukuda, University of Hong Kong
• Bruce Gellin, Sabin Vaccine Institute
• Julie Lyn Hall, International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent
• William Hall, Wellcome Trust
• Keith Hamilton, World Organisation for Animal Health
• Anne Huvos, World Health Organization
• Chikwe Ihekweazu, Nigeria Centre for Disease Control
• Bruce Innis, PATH
• Daniel Jernigan, US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
• Kerri-Ann Jones, Pandemic Influenza Preparedness Framework Advisory Group
to the World Health Organization
• Rebecca Katz, Georgetown University
• Lawrence Kerr, US Department of Health and Human Services
• Marie-Paule Kieny, INSERM
• Marion Koopmans, Erasmus MC, University Medical Center, The Netherlands
• Amanda McClelland, Resolve to Save Lives
• Hilary Marston, National Institutes of Health
• Claudia Nannei, World Health Organization
• Toomas Palu, World Bank Group
• Diane Post, National Institutes of Health
• Eduard Salahov, Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation
• Ethan Settembre, Seqirus
• Cecilia Mundaca Shah, Forum on Microbial Threats, National Academies of
Sciences, Engineering and Medicine, USA
• Beverly Taylor, Seqirus
• Jonathan Van-Tam, Department of Health and Social Care, England
• Netsanet Workie, World Bank Group
• Members of the World Health Organization Strategic & Technical Advisory Group for Infectious Hazards

The same John Hopkins Centre involved in the planning of a simulation for pandemic preparedness has been given the task of convincing the public that a real pandemic exists.

This fact alone should be enough for members of the public to question the authenticity of this pandemic.

John Hopkins Centre at the forefront 


The document shared above from the John Hopkins Centre, which included recommendations for preparedness planning (GMPB) to implement simulations for pandemic preparedness was led by Jennifer Nuzzo.


Member of CFR

Jennifer Nuzzo is also heavily involved in the ‘reported’ pandemic.


In this report Nuzzo states:

In her article on social distancing Nuzzo states that in order to resolve the problem of social distancing, there needs to be a nationwide surveillance program using different agencies and governments, mocking the fact that that is exactly what is occurring.

Nuzzo is heavily involved in global health security. 

On the 18th September 2019, the same day that reports were published about the intentions for pandemic preparedness, the media were also notified world wide.



Note the dates.

We were informed via the media on the 18th September 2019 that the GPMB had created  Pandemic Preparedness in order to determine how the world would function during a real pandemic.

The National Security Act of 1947 was a law enacting major restructuring of the United States government’s military and intelligence agencies following World War II. The majority of the provisions of the Act took effect on September 18, 1947.

This coincides with the anniversary of that act and marked the first day of operations for the Dept of Defence.

Organisations and agencies  are involved in the pandemic preparedness exercise on the anniversary of this date, some 72 years later.

Under the guise of a respiratory pathogen that causes a pandemic which then enables the DoD to get involved. 

So happy birthday to the CIA, DoD and all the agencies involved in the creation of the National Security Act, a pandemic exercise took place to commemorate.

A pandemic exercise that has been created not  just to test the world wide reactions to pandemic planning but to usher in the UN,s agenda of security, control and the Smart Specialisation programme.

September  2019 also saw the first Infectious Diseases
Strategy 2020-2025 created by Public Health England.


September 2019 also saw recommendations by the Biodefence science board.

Another article  in which Nuzzo expresses the need, along with other collaborators, to discuss what needs to be done to undermine national capability to counter biological threats.

Countries that have submitted a preparedness plan in Africa coincide with the claimed cases of CV.

The Pandemic preparedness plans that were put into place by the monitoring board and due to begin in September 2019 shows  correlation with countries in Africa who submitted preparedness plans years earlier.

The following is a graph of the countries in Africa who submitted pandemic plans to WHO.

Compare it to the ‘claims’ made about the cases in Africa and we can see that the  countries with early preparedness plans coincide exactly with the countries claiming to be affected by CV.

The WHO link

This shows the countries claiming to be affected.

How is it possible that the countries with the first and largest claims of CV are the same ones who have created early preparedness plans for a pandemic? 

Algeria, Egypt and Nigeria were the first countries to claim there were CV cases in Africa, all the countries with early pandemic preparedness plans that satisfied the WHO.

Burkina Faso, Egypt is also on the WHO map as being  one of the early  providers of a pandemic preparedness plan. 

Egypt has played an active role in the implementation of WHO and UN frameworks.

Some of the ministers took to FB to announce they were CV positive.

Egypt has collaborated with WHO to create the UN Sustainable goals agenda.

Nigeria, also one of the countries that have an early preparedness plan submitted to WHO, claimed that the first death from CV was from a patient who had returned from the UK and was being treated for cancer and diabetes, yet supposedly died from CV.

The Nigerian CDC also shared that information via a tweet. 

Algeria are also well prepared and were reportedly one of the first countries in Africa to have a patient who had travelled from another country.

Those who were most eager to have created pandemic preparedness plans to WHO were the same countries that were hit?

South Africa may not have submitted a pandemic preparedness plan before 2014 but they will have been highly involved in later pandemic preparedness planning.

There is clear evidence that the world is not in the grip of a pandemic but in the grip of a world wide global health security exercise. An exercise that  the security services and the UN are using as a front to bring about the changes needed to build their new world.

It is seen as progress for the greater good.

There are no data or details on the human suffering that has taken place during this exercise and the aftermath will be one of hardships and chaos for the population, meanwhile the future generations of the rich and privileged will be prepared for a real pandemic, which they know will never happen anyway because they created them.

Why else has pandemic planning gone live, not once but THREE times!

Dr Stephen Redd is the CDC,s Director of Public Health Preparedness and Response

Dr Redd was a member of the Global Pandemic Preparedness event called Event 201, held in October 2019. A few Months before the news of CV was made public.

This event was a table top exercise created to put all the players involved in global pandemics together to trouble shoot how a pandemic would operate and how they would deal with it. 

Dr Stephen Redd has also been involved  in other ‘claimed’ pandemic events.


According to reports, Dr Redd was wrapping up a flu pandemic planning meeting on April 15th 2009 when the phone call came in that a virus had infected a 10 yr old.

Two days later the CDC conformed the diagnosis and a week later, Redd had been made incident commander of the 2009 H1N1 pandemic.

So we are to believe that he was chairing a meeting for  pandemic preparation at the same time as he got the call that a ‘possible’ real pandemic might occur? Really?

The following was reported on the CDC website:

Coincidence would have it?

Claims were made by the CDC that this would kill millions. It never happened.

Five years later in August 2014, Dr Redd was due to be involved in an exercise for planning of pandemic preparedness once again. 

Coincidentally, at that exact time, the exercise was overshadowed by the claims of an Ebola outbreak that meant that all those involved were now working on Ebola.

This information was shared by Dr Redd himself during an interview in 2016 with CDC Museum, Global Health Chronicles.

The Ebola event then led to the creation of the Global Health Security Agenda.

 Five years later again and the Director was now in the driving seat of another pandemic preparedness event which became a ‘reported’ real event.

 What are the odds that this man would be involved in and heading, not one but THREE separate exercises for pandemic preparedness  that all go live at the exact same time as the exercise?

Redd also stated during the Ebola event that:

The same man claimed he was given a job working in the White House during Ebola and days later was a given a list of vaccines to be used to treat Ebola. And of course, the USA were claiming to have a case.

The WHO Simulation Exercise manual from 2017 states that during these sort of global exercises involve table top exercises such as the ones performed by the Event 201 team in New York, again, the same members of the Global Pandemic Monitoring Board attended this event, including the Chinese CDC Director-General.

There is also evidence of simulations from within the health care departments.


The question is why? The answers are explained in amazing detail in this report by Alison McDowell.


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