Vodafone “leading the roll out of 5G across the UK, starting with Greater Manchester. A further six cities – Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Glasgow, Liverpool and London – will shortly receive full 5G too. Next year, we will bring 5G to the Scottish Highlands, Cornwall and the Lake District, among other locations,” says Nick Jeffery.

Pivotal achieves 1.3 Gbps in Echo 5G field trial

Pivotal Commware
HBF enables software-defined antennas to increase spectrum efficiency by focusing radio signals where they’re needed most, like spotlights in a theater. (Pivotal Commware)

Alasdair Philips is one of the UK,s leading voices on Electro-Magnetic fields  and RF, he has run Powerwatch which has been researching the links between electromagnetic fields (EMFs) and health risks for about 30 years, and is completely independent of government and industry. https://www.powerwatch.org.uk/docs/aboutus.asp

He is also a member of SSITA, Safe Schools Information Technology Alliance which addresses the concerns of Wi-Fi in schools.https://ssita.org.uk/about-us/

He is a member of BEMRI

The Bio-Electromagnetic Research Initiative (BEMRI) has been formed to create a research portal, for the scientific community and interested members of the lay public, which helps to rapidly disseminate international research findings, best practice measures and scientific hypotheses on matters related to electromagnetic (EM) phenomena.http://www.bemri.org/

He is also an advisor to Radiation Research Trust and was once the news letter editor for Electronics and Computing for peace. He has also been involved in investigations into the misuse of electromagnetic weapons by the military.

Alasdair Philips is a scientist who has been involved in research in this area for the past 50 years.

He also is involved in two companies that supply equipment to test EMR and RF and protective shielding items.

Here is Alasdair Philips being interviewed by Dr Mercola on YT.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NYV8YWESt_Y

In June 2018, he had a study published in the peer reviewed Journal of Environmental and Public Health, in which he studied the rise of brain tumours between 1995 to 2015 and concluded that one possible factor is the widespread use of cell phones.https://microwavenews.com/news-center/gbms-rising-uk

Alasdair Philips has chaired and presented at international conferences on these topics.

EMFields was established to provide high quality measurement equipment and screening products to protect people from the ever-increasing levels of Electromagnetic radiation, or electrosmog, in our environment designed by Alasdair  Philips. https://emfields-solutions.com/aboutus.asp

Alasdair Philips is also one of the 230 scientists and doctors who have signed a moratorium to stop the 5G roll out.

And yet when reports came out from Mark Steele in Gateshead that the lamposts were emitting 5G, Mark was contacted by Alasdair Philips.

This is part of an email that was sent to me when I asked this organisation their views on the  lamposts emitting 5G.

I have been in contact with Mark Steele and also offered to visit Gateshead with a range of more professional test equipment than he used. He used a very basic “broad band” [isotropic] meter that would pick up any signal within 50MHz – 3.5GHz coming from all directions. He would need equipment that includes a Log Per [Directional] antenna and indeed covers a wider range of frequencies. Did you see the video clip of waving his meter pointing towards a street light he claimed was producing 4,000 millivolts,  but  afraid not possible coming from the small transmitter where he was pointing his meter. [Not suitable meter for the particular task]

Along with another member of our group, have phoned him several times to offer my services freely if he could arrange for me to carry out a  free survey for members of the public of whom he has contact who are suffering heath issues that is suggested are coming from these lamp post transmitters that he claims are 5G.   Mark may be correct about 5G, but until proper measurements are carried out I cannot make comment. We would like to take measurements at Gateshead,  though  must ensure we have with  contact someone like Mark and  most importantly independent folk who suffer the effects of ELF pollution living in close proximity to  these transmitters.

We find it very strange he has not taken us up on our offer. I told him it could help him with his very worthy campaign and we certainly need more people like Mark to bring about  awareness.




Steele had become hostile to Alasdair during this communication process and had told Alasdair that he, “did not know what he was talking about” when it was pointed out that Steele’s  equipment was insufficient.

Given the fact that Alasdair Philips designed such equipment and  that he was one of the UK,s most prominent anti EMF proponents, that accusation was staggering to me.https://emfields-solutions.com/aboutus.asp

I then arranged for a member of the public to meet with the research group. They tested the lamposts that were shown in his videos and here is that report.

Report on Gateshead Lampposts to investigate alleged 5G signals

In May 2018 Bemri visited Gateshead at locations where it had been suggested 5G transmitters’ were mounted on lamp posts and were operating and producing around 4,000 m/V. [4 mV/m] These were said to be found at locations such as the shopping arcade [by bus stop] at Whickham from video recordings by a certain third party. The instrument used by the third party was an isotropic RF meter that records signals received from all directions not simply the direction the meter is pointing.

We used professional Gigahertz RF test meters and spectrum analyzer and the strongest signal recorded at this location was 1.4V/m emitted from an array of mobile phone transmitters located a few hundred yards down the opposite side of the Main Rd from the shopping arcade. After testing around a five mile radius from Whickham readings ranged from 0.25 V/m to 6.5 V/m.

It could be seen from the video recordings of the said third party RF meter readings consistently ranged around a 4V/m mark wherever any measurements were taken, even from the inside of a car travelling along a main carriageway, which is really not possible unless perhaps a Smart phone was nearby or used to video the RF meter readings. Trying to monitor signals from the inside of a car [especially moving vehicles] is a rather pointless exercise.

A Smart phone easily produces readings around levels shown in these video recordings, even when it’s not in transmission mode. All RF meters monitor frequencies from sources with the highest power density, not lower, or accumulation of other signals.

We could not find 5G signals coming from street lighting at any location we surveyed.

Bemri is an independent self funded research group strongly apposed to 5G and other electromagnetic pollution, of which long proven causes harm to all biological systems.


Now, after hearing supporters of Steele claim that Alasdair Philips was no expert and that he was a charlatan, I decided to provide the evidence to prove that this was not the case.

The charlatan is Mark Steele, a man who is getting main stream media coverage, claiming that these lamposts were 5G, when experts in this field have shown them  not to be.

A man who is supposedly fighting this issue with his answer being a new political party.

A man who calls anyone who mentions these facts, a 5G denier.

Despite the fact that I am running a 5G mass action campaign that has shared leaflets to people to campaign in over 160 areas around the UK, and despite the fact that I have this website updated on many aspects of the dangers of 5G, I am also called a 5G denier.

So an expert with 50 years experience, peer reviewed  studies on the link between mobile phones and EMF, respected as one of the UK,s leading spokesmen against the dangers of EMF and RF, who has even built equipment to test it, is named a charlatan whilst Steele, who is self proclaimed weapons expert who has worked on secret nuclear programmes, makes himself the expert on 5G whilst ignoring the facts.

The facts being, Gateshead lamposts were NOT transmitting 5G in the first place.

Controlled Opposition, with a political party for you to join.


In the initial stage of our mass action campaign we were kindly donated £40 towards leaflets, this will be used for the campaign and hopefully, anyone who can donate will or if you require leaflets and cannot afford them then this will help somewhat.

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Funds at 10th November 2018 £60.15. 

Corporations, Agencies and Govt Bodies involved in 5G

The UK Government have deliberately created a smoke screen for accountability when it comes to 5G technology.

DCSM which has been the Department for Culture,Sports and Media for the past 25yrs, was changed and Digital was added in July 2017.

So now its the Dept for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport.

DCSM is the agency responsible for  collecting all the license fees and passing them onto the BBC and fund channel 4, this now gives them the means to use these state run monoliths that cowtow to the heart of the establishment, to further the 5G agenda.

This Govt department  gave a grant to InnovateUK in 2017 to run a competition to allow areas to test 5G around the UK.

This was no open competition, this was a method to further test 5G  with those already involved.

The Chairman of innovateUK was Phil Smith CEO of Cisco.

Last years testbeds had Cisco as one of its lead collaborators.

InnovateUK also sponsored the UK-Israeli test hub technology Conference in January 2018.

Phil Smith is also director of IQE Plc, a manufacture of Smart technology.

Las Vegas had partnered with Cisco last year and were testing 5G using connected cameras for a number of platforms including crowd control, security,  and lighting amongst other things. A document online discussed testing in small pilot areas in real life environments. A short time later we were faced with the Las Vegas Mandalay hotel incident.

 Mandalay Hotel was also the venue for security conferences held yearly.

Cisco also signed up with the French Govt in 2015 to push and test for smart city innovations in Paris, just months before  the Paris attacks.

They also signed up with Berlin just prior to the attacks in Berlin.

The Brussels attack that happened in March 2016 came just months after the Brussels Digital Commissioner called a meeting with the ten largest telecommunication groups to speed up the implementation of 5G. It is obvious that 5G testing has been used in all the incidences of terror related attacks and Cisco has been one of the many companies deeply involved. https://www.vigiliae.org/?s=false+flags

A report on street lights written by Cisco in 2012 starts off with a discussion about the growing population.

 All of these agencies and companies are all involved with the Agenda 20/30 which has an insidious agenda to lower population numbers and is being spearheaded by the EU using the Horizon2020 Framework, who fund over 2000 govt agencies, councils, universities and private companies to push the 5G agenda.


We can see how 5G testing has been happening all around the world covertly as well as openly

Leeds,Wales, Scotland, Bournemouth, London, North East,Birmingham, Coventry and Wolverhampton, Cornwall, Brighton, Bristol,Cardiff, Glasgow, Liverpool, Manchester and London and many more areas are now involved in the testing of dangerous 5G technologies.

Last years so called winners are also connected to this years winners.

Malvern Hills Science park created by Worcestershire County Council  was part of last years tests and also this year. Many of the universities that were involved in creating the test beds were also involved in the competition winners.

InnovateUK asked Digital Catapult to provide an ecosystem view of 5G activities in the UK.This document shows us that :

39 Academic Institutions are participating

29 Local Authorities

57 Companies

135 projects

And that :5G will operate across a range of spectrum: • Under 1 GHz, for rural coverage and deep coverage inside buildings; • Core frequencies, from around 1 GHz to 6 GHz, for general coverage and capacity, with the higher frequencies used for hot-spots; • High frequencies (>6 GHz, with plans in the 26-28 GHz or above), for high capacity in areas of dense usage e.g. in high density urban centres, campuses and transport hubs. • Pioneer bands are specified in 700 Mhz, 3.5 GHz and 26 GHz.


The 5G Innovation Network (UK5G) was launched in 2018 with funding from DCMS. The UK5G consortium, led by Cambridge Wireless and in partnership with the Knowledge Transfer Network and TM Forum, works with, but independently from government, to boost the UK 5G ecosystem in a number of ways:DCMS have awarded £23.8m to six consortiums as part of the 5G Testbeds and Trials Programme. This programme has awarded grants of between £2m and £5m to for one year of funding for projects, from 1 April 2018 until 31 March 20195G .


Rural coverage and dynamic spectrum access testbed and trial Lead organisation:


Other partners:

BBC, University of Surrey, Scottish Future Trust, Agri-Epi, Datavita, Zeetta, Microsoft, Parallel Wireless, Lime Microsystems, pureLifi, University of Edinburgh, HeriotWatt University, Fairspectrum, Nominet, Telinet, BT, Faose Telecom/SHEFA, Milkalyser, Kingshay, Afimilk, Soil Essentials, Hyperconnections, CENSIS, Stream Technologies, Power Networks Demonstration Centre (PNDC), Cloudnet, Orkney Island Council, Broadway Partners Location: Orkney Islands & Shrop

5G RuralFirst,

led by Cisco and lead partner University of Strathclyde,

will deliver testbeds and trials to exploit 5G benefits for rural communities and industries like agriculture, broadcasting and utilities, to address the challenges of and build the business case for 5G rural deployment. Based primarily on the Orkney Islands, and in the farmlands of Shropshire and Somerset, the project will integrate spectrum sharing strategies for 5G; bringing connectivity to rural communities, enabling smart farming in partnership with Agri-Epi Centre (including drones, autonomous farm vehicles and remote veterinary inspections); innovative methods of delivering broadcast radio over 5G working with the BBC, alongside the delivery of 5G connectivity for IoT in utility and other industries in rural areas


Lead organisation: West of England Combined Authority

Other partners:

University of Bristol, CCS Ltd, BT, Grand Appeal, Mo-Sys, Mativision, Smartify, BBC, Zeeta Networks, Destination Bristol, Digital Catapult, VR Lab, Interdigital, Bristol is Open, Bristol Futures Global, BANES/Roman Baths, 3Sixty, Landmark, IBI Location: Bath & Bristol.



Lead organisation: Worcestershire Local Enterprise Partnership

Other Partners: Bosch, BT, O2, Huawei, Yamazaki Mazak, University of Surrey, QinetiQ, AWTG, Worcestershire County Council Location: Worcester



Lead organisation: Sensor City

Other partners: AIMES, Inventya, DefProc, Digital Creativity in Disability, CGA Simulation, Liverpool City Council, RLBUHT, Liverpool University, and Liverpool John Moore’s University, Blu Wireless Location: Royal Liverpool and Broadgreen University Hospitals NHS Trust (RLBUHT), Liverpool Adult Social Services




Lead Organisation: Airspan Communications

Other Partners: University of Surrey, Meridian, Blu Wireless, ARM, Celestia Technologies, Cobham, McLaren Applied Technologies, Millbrook, Quortus, and Real Wireless Location: Millbrook, Bedford, and 5GIC is at the helm of  financing of companies that have created both software and hardware for 5G technology using its company In-Q-tel to invest in companies that can use it as a surveillance weapon.


5G RURAL INTEGRATED TESTBED (5GRIT) Lead Organisation: Quickline Communications

Other Partners: Cybermoor 5G Services Ltd, North Pennines AONB Partnership, Broadway Partners Ltd, Blue Bear Systems Research Ltd, Precisions Decisions Ltd, WT InfoTech Private Ltd, King’s College London, Lancaster University, Kingston University Location: Cumbria, Northumberland, Yorkshire, Lincolnshire, Inverness-shire, Perthshire and Monmouthshire

How the Canadian Pension Fund is helping to facilitate the 5G Roll out

The Canadian pension fund is also funding 5G and the Smart Agenda roll out in the UK including infrastructure, testing, equipment and even the spectrum for 5G. They also  have a 50% stake in Milton Park, involved in testing in both competitions for 2017 and 2018.

The Canadian Pension Plan Investment Board (CPPIB) invests in oil, gas, electricity, petrochemicals, infrastructure, 5G technology, communication technology and real estate and owns more real estate in the UK than in Canada or the rest of Europe.

It is a consortium that includes OMERS, Ontario Municipal Employees Retirement System and Ontario Teachers Pension Plan and holds shares in a huge amount of companies.

They also own 48% of Arqiva who in turn are:

The UKs pre-eminent national provider of TV & Radio Broadcasting Infrastructure, the leading provider of Infrastructure services.

The leading investor in 5G Infrastructure via small cells and antenna systems.

The leading smart meter contractor.

The leading portfolio of wireless Infrastructure sites.

A Provider of smart meters for water,gas and electricity.

A Contractor to many councils to roll out 5G cell towers.

In 2017, Arqiva began the sale of its UK mobile-wireless masts.

Snapped up the license for 28Ghz spectrum which has already been trialled abroad.

Plan to deliver smart meters to millions of homes over the next few years.

 Arqiva and Samsung held the first 5G field tests in UK in 2017.

In 2013, OMERS bought Civica who’s customers included 140 local authorities, thousands of schools,50 universities, 275 healthcare providers and 75% of Blue Light services. Whilst Civica Digital partnered 20 Government departments including the home office, foreign and commonwealth office and the foreign office.

During the Manchester Arena attack, Civica was the digital partner of Manchester council, it also had links to
the owners of the Arena, the arena was bought by GE Capital in 2006, the same company that financed the Civica deal for OMERS. In fact OMERS bought out GE Capitals equity lender prior to the Arena event.

This means that OMERS had links to the council, the blue light services, the arena and the foreign office crisis
management scenario.

Civica was also the dept in charge of revenue and benefits for Grenfell tower.

They were also partners to Westminster Council when the London attacks took place and owned Brussels Airport when that reported attack took place.

They were also involved in the Brexit voting system.



The CIA are responsible for funding many of the companies that have created software and hardware for 5G applications https://www.vigiliae.org/759-2/

The CIA uses its venture capital company In-Q-Tel to fund 5G companies, a partnership between the CIA and private companies.

Qualcomm is the leading developer of microchips and processors for mobile communication networks, they developed the first generation of 5G after buying out an Israeli company called DesignArt in 2012. Qualcomm is just one of many companies connected to the CIA.



So next time someone tells you that 5G is going to be great because it means faster downloads and better connectivity, explain to them that this is false information and has been publicly denied even by  the ex director of OfCom, professor William Webb.

Tell them that there exists, software that promises to overshadow in a dramatic, cost-effective way the decisions for Mobile Companies to purchase additional bandwidth, install more cellular towers and or expensive hardware upgrades.

TIMMES Industry Ground Breaking, Advanced Mobile data Compression & Acceleration software (ODEN-T)

  1. Question: What is the abbreviation, ODEN-T?

    1. Answer: Optimized Data Environment for Network-Centric Operations-T (ODEN-T)
  2. Question:  What does ODEN-T do?

    1. Answer: ODEN-T is a mobile data compression and transport acceleration technology designed to improve the efficiency of the RF spectrum and reduce the wait time at the cellular handset.

So why do we need to have 5G?

  • It is a  means for corporations and Govt agencies to push the UN,s Agenda 20/30, an agenda  of control,  mass surveillance, elimination of undesirables who disagree with their agenda, theft of our human rights and the ability to not only cause death and illness in whole areas at a time.It has capabilities to be used as a mind control weapon. 
  • It is a  means to claim that we have an energy shortage as data centres  soak up all the energy  and ration our ability to use phones, internet and even our appliances which will all be connected to the Internet.
  • It means infertility, cancers and the end of humanity as we recognise it today.

Ignore it at your peril! Join the fightback 5G Mass Action Campaign on FB. AMC


This is article number two in a series about 5G. We have no choice but to cover this because our friends and family in the Sacramento area are suffering from symptoms now, according to their firsthand accounts of nausea, headaches, and chest pains, from Natomas to downtown Sacramento.

If we’re going to understand Verizon’s 4-city rollout of 5G and the 23 city AT&T deployment, we have to understand what frequency WiFi currently operates at, and the consequences we’ve already been suffering from that.

One correction must be issued to the last article: most 4G, WiFi these days operates at a frequency of 2.45 GHz, or at maximum 5 GHz.

Verizon’s 5G, just installed in Sacramento, Houston, Indianapolis, and Los Angeles operates at between 28 GHz and 39 GHz. The headline of this article said 35 GHz in particular because that’s in the middle of their spectrum, and studies have shown 35 GHz frequencies seem to cause immune system problems in rats.

Full Article: https://www.wakingtimes.com/2018/10/25/study-normal-2-45-ghz-wi-fi-damages-fertility-what-is-verizons-35-ghz-5g-doing/?fbclid=IwAR2RPNju3Xg_jgbwg8PliMBClL19vLGfGvX-UjMdLlRyzlkCwiQ1S5_Ags0