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DOWNLOAD LINK: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1RnOtU0bn2z1PzHGJemJRDLFZZmuXmb-x/view?usp=sharing



  1. Good for putting through letterboxes for people to read at their leisure, would be good to have something to hand to people in the streets which is quick to read. high impact flix on youtube in an earlier video made one like that with the header “HELP WITH COVID” to hand out so that people would not immediately throw it away, i’ll see if i can find it.

  2. High
    This is ‘by the way’, the whole way of spreading truth off-screen, obviously.
    Would love to dis-tribute a few leaflets as I walk my path, hopefully with a dance, in a-chord-dance. πŸ˜‰
    Sadly I am not blessed with the nest-space for a printer (and with the lie-braries being shut), so if you could post me a bunch of leaflets, they wouldn’t be wasted.
    Human-kind greetings to all

  3. Excellent summary. One critical emphasis should also be included, I think. The whole govt response at the moment is fixated on infection rates, which is misleading and meaningless in terms of assessing the risk from the virus unless hospitalisation and death rates are taken into account. And since these are very low, have been for some months now, and continue to be so, the logical conclusion is that a) our immunity systems are learning how to deal with the virus b) herd immunity is building up and/or c) the virus is weakening. Whichever it is, using just infection rates is plain wrong – in fact in the above circumstances we should be welcoming increased infection rates since these will hasten herd immunity.

  4. I received one on my windscreen at Sainsbury’s Rayleigh Weir, Essex.
    Very informative. Thank you.

    I hope their distribution makes people realise the truth if what is happening.

  5. Mine just arrived today which greatly pleased me as I have been a “voice in the wilderness” with my friends/family with my views of what this Covid-19 PLANdemic is really about from the start. We in the new Event 202 movement, the Burnley branch, have been deliberating for some 2 weeks on the best way forward. A town centre street presence with stand/banner/leaflets, etc, or mail shots as this, with some disagreement. Whilst deliberating, someone has got on and done something. I would like to see something a bit more emotive and hard-hitting (mankind being enslaved and the mind-changing 60GHz 5G threat, etc) to back up this fact-based publication with people having lost jobs, income, health, loved ones, businesses, etc, pointing out the right of people to be VERY ANGRY for having been fooled into those unnecessary loses. I would also like to know the extent of local coverage so that I do not duplicate them. Well done to the author(s). Thanks.

  6. Well done Annie !
    Section 2. Exaggerated Severity, however, is numerically vague / confusing. It’s unclear what some percentage figures refer to. It could be harder-hitting if more concise, with less numbers perhaps. (I have advanced-level maths G.C.E., and grade A English qualifications; I would gladly assist; just email me).

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