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In 2017, after the Red Cross federation failed to account for $100 million in donations, the World Bank under the depts of IDA and IBRD set up a Pandemic bond apparatus in conjunction with the Pandemic Emergency Financing  Faculty Framework which collaborated with WHO.

IDA is the International Development Association and IBRD is the International Bank for reconstruction and Development.

The bonds were first introduced in Beijing, China in 2017.

The issue was lead managed by Swiss Re Capital Markets (which also acted as co-structuring agent), with Munich Re as co-manager and co-structuring agent and GC Securities as co-manager.

GC Securities is a division of Marsh and Mclennan. http://www.guycarp.com/content/guycarp/en/home/the-company/gc-securities.html

When reports of the twin towers being attacked on 9-11 occurred, claims were made that the plane hit floor 93, owned by Marsh USA.

Marsh and Mclennan are the parent company of Marsh USA.

This is a global risk assessment and Insurance firm that also established a ‘crisis consulting practise’ specialising in terror.

What are the odds that this would be the same floor that gets hit during 9-11?  And now involved with pandemic bonds? 


And of course, Marsh are using this ‘event’ to encourage businesses  to spend more money on insurance to mitigate losses due to this, another win win for an investment company no doubt! 


And pension funds are also being affected.



So how do Pandemic bonds work?

It appears that there were two varieties in which investors could buy into, the first bond paid an annual 7% interest annually while the second bond paid out 11% annually.

The idea was that poor countries that were part of IDA would be able to access funds in the case of pandemic emergencies.

Here is a list of those countries.


An activation criteria has to be exceeded in order for those countries to receive any funds and in doing so, the initial investors would lose 80% of their bond price.

Curiously the model for this Pandemic Bond structure was based on a corona virus outbreak in China!




So WHO not only gets to report on the numbers, spread and countries involved but also gets to receive the funding ? Bit of a conflict of interest!

Especially given the controversy that already surrounds WHO and it’s past claims of calling ‘Pandemics’ when non existed!


According to this article, the 3 yr term was about to expire in July 2020.

In this interview, a a former economist at the World Bank with significant pandemic experience claims the bonds are not helpful to any outbreaks and the reasons why!


The Insurance provider of the 2017 pandemic bonds has recently drawn up a new insurance policy dated February 2020.

The new policy includes insurance for a US named storm AND an ‘extreme mortality  event in UK, Canada and Australia!


This has been shown as two separate events with two separate cash amounts. 


Extreme mortality events from 2020 to 2022?


Vaccines are being financed and pushed on so many fronts!

The 33rd International Vaccine and Immunisation Conference which boasts that it will be an event to witness:

A valuable scientific occasion

Meanwhile a ‘not for profit’  vaccine organisation in the UK  that was to open its doors in 2022, has created a ‘for profit’ company just prior to the reported outbreak, December 2019! 

Meanwhile GAVI are set to begin a new fund raising donation drive in the UK.



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